New York 2022

I didn’t realize how badly I needed yesterday until it happened. Such a great day. On the road at 6:30, minimal stops, beautiful weather and no bad traffic (until midtown anyway.) I dropped them off at the hotel on 42nd St. and then crawled through midtown traffic for almost an hour to the parking garage about a block and a half away. It was a comical trip through heavy traffic, pedestrians, restricted turns and construction. The kind of trip I was glad to be doing solo because one bad attitude in the car could have turned it to a nightmare. As it was, I had the roof open, windows down, and Liquid Metal cranked up loud. Even that hour contributed to the great day.
We immediately hit the streets when I got to the hotel and walked several miles around midtown. We did Covid tests for the cruise, wandered through a “private” party at the Margaritaville pool, had dollar pizza slices, visited Penn Station and Madison Square Garden, shopped on 34th St., hit Muji for quite a while and sat at Bryant Park for a while and had Wagels and Dinges. Steph and I, 50’s by the way, needed the rest break at the park but would have kept going. The 18yr old however was ready for bed. He got home and crashed for the night. With them in bed, I got my junk put together and went back out around 9 and hung out at Times Square people watching another hour or so.
This city is very good for me. Home is not.