Endless West Virginia

Not even out of West Virginia yet and we’ve already stopped four times. Sounds about right for us. On long trips like this one we tend to take our time. I used to be overly concerned with making good time. Thankfully, I’m better at stopping to look around at things these days. First stop was the rest stop in Lewis County. Yes, you read that right. It was reminiscent of my first beach trip with Scott’s family way back when, when we got up early to hit the road and then stopped at Jane Lew for breakfast.

Magic. That is what happened when I got out of the car at the busy interstate rest stop. Blue skies, high 60’s, others around obviously on vacation. I took a deep breath of that fresh air and was instantly reminded of the travel passion that was brutally torn away last year. The familiar feeling was amplified even more at Sheetz in Summersville when Colton commented that he was experiencing the same revival of sorts. Just unbelievable. Yeah, we’re a long way from cruising still. But I’m starting to think this will be an enjoyable stepping stone. Finally.

After that we hit the New River Gorge National Park and did the 178 steps down and back up from the observation deck. They thought me an idiot, as usual, but I had to get a picture of the temporary National Park sign. I’m often very critical of this state, for good reason. But its my home, and having a National Park here is pretty darn cool.

Well, I just wanted to post a quick update about the day so far. Of course, that’s largely because I’m just riding and not yet in reading mode. Looks like Steph is going to take us out of the state and then Colton can take over. Fingers crossed I get to ride the whole way.