Road Trip 2021

Its possible that I have forgotten how to do this.   Writing up trips has been a joy of mine for many years.  Since 1998 in fact, when I simply wanted to tell Mom about what all we did.  By 2018 and 2019 those summaries had evolved into day by day chronicles from Grandeur, Horizon and Sunrise, which are all among my favorite writings.   Then 2020 happened.  

I wrote one story from our weekend in the mountains of West Virginia last summer.  And looking back on it now, I really should have written about my birthday weekend in Erie when I finally introduced Steph and Colton to my much loved childhood vacation spot.   They couldn’t understand why I had hidden it from them.  I hadn’t hidden it so much as just prioritized other destinations since Erie seemed almost too familiar to me.  Of course when we finally went there, it turned out that familiarity was what made it so awesome.  The flood of memories all weekend would have made for a great writing project.  Alas, it was 2020 and my mind wasn’t even close to where it had been the previous two years.  

Depression sunk its teeth into me in 2020 and my nihilistic  nature likely advanced to the point of no return.  Can I write like I once did?   Stories that entertain me, if no one else.  I feel like that sliver of creativity that only ever revealed itself in writing may be gone.  But we’ll see.  

Today we embark on the first true vacation since November of 2019.   I certainly didn’t expect my return to the road and the keyboard to center around Myrtle Beach, but you do crazy things when you love your kid more than yourself.   Colton’s friend Morgan moved there last year and this trip is simply to give them time to spend together.   Sure, Steph and I will search out good food, read and hopefully rest.  All the while, knowing I will see at least one person from work.  The fact that so many from this part of the world live for Myrtle Beach like we do cruises is one reason I have always avoided it.  But, Colton should have a good week, and I imagine Steph and I will too, once past the transition from last year’s hopelessness to the road and sunrises again.  

I’ll be back.