Uncharted Waters

One lesson you only learn the hard way, and that repeatedly in life,  is just how much you’ve taken for granted the things you value.  That you don’t know until its taken away.   Yes, I know that Steph, Colton and Mom are still here and healthy so far.  I’m not underselling that, because, trust me, I understand all too well what can happen when those biggest pieces of the puzzle are taken.  I’m talking about next level stuff, for me those are vacations, concerts and hobbies, or even the next level and walking the mall, going to movies or eating out.  Right now the top level is still here, for me anyway,  but everything else is gone.   Its the first time in more than 20yrs I don’t have a cruise booked.  No fantasy sports to get upset about, no Vegas lines and stats to study for tonights games and no warm spring opening day.  No Friday night air hockey battles with Colton. 

TV, unfortunately, is still here though.  And the spreading of the monkey see monkey do attitudes that prevail in these times.  I’m not saying it isn’t serious.  It seems like very bad flu and perhaps a good deal more contagious.  It probably even warrants a significant response and maybe even a changing of ways to tighten the reigns a bit. But this?  This utter chaos and confusion, greed and selfishness, extreme over reaction and panic.  The fault here lies with the news.  With  Facebook.  The worst parts of society live in those cultures.  A thousand fools spout ignorance and millions believe it as truth.   The media is  at least paid to spread fear, the Facebook crowd does it inexplicably by choice.   

How many athletes worked their entire lives for a shot at the Final Four?  On a local level, how many high school basketball players can’t wait to have a block of rooms at the Marriott in Charleston in mid March for their runs at local history?  These opportunities are few and often only once.  The one thing we can’t stop is growing older.   The windows for these athletes close as fast as they opened and so many have missed their one opportunity for a larger than life situation.  And the olympians, their dedication is like none other, but for this batch it was all for nothing.  I’m not saying its right or wrong how these kids have been shortchanged, I’m just saying its sad and maybe a little extreme.

I don’t know a solution any more than you do.  I just know the influences, voices and authorities I wish weren’t there.  I wish people understood that panic is never an answer.  Neither are comforting lies.  I wish people understood  that hoarding in these extreme days, really does make you a contemptible person.  I wish people actually washed their hands and coughed correctly in public, every day, not just now.  I wish people took others into consideration before acting on their greed.  Above all, I just wish people would be reasonable.  I ask myself every day why that is so easy for some and yet impossibly difficult for others.  Some things I guess I’ll never quite get.