A Breakaway Sunday

As is the case with the first day of most every cruise, we all crashed early Sunday night so I didn’t get a chance to write anything down about our day. I’ll take a little time now to hit the highlights.

Steph was first up as usual on Sunday morning and was making a making an effort to get all of our stuff gathered up from the night before. We can trash a hotel room as quick as anyone and had done our usual job of scattering our things about the night before. We went downstairs for breakfast which is included with our Gold Hilton Honors status and found that things had changed a bit since we were last here in 2013. Previously we had ordered off menus but now there was a huge buffet which really hit the spot.

We called for the car and left the hotel between 9:30 and 10 with all of our stuff carefully gathered. We weren’t really surprised at how cold it was as we had heard what was coming from talking to those at home on Saturday. Steph thought of something she wanted to pick up at a drug store, and fortunately you pass a Duane Reade in Manhattan about as often as you do a Dunkin Donuts or a Starbucks. So she managed to get what she needed and we proceeded to drive uptown toward our home for the next 7 days, the Norwegian Breakaway.

I’ll always remember following along with the construction of this ship at various places online and back in 2013 since we were booked on her fourth cruise that June. I still like it very much, but the more we’re here, the more we long for the features of the Norwegian Gem which currently our favorite ship. Anyway we waited a bit in a queue to park the car before the drug dog came by and sniffed all our stuff.

Check in was uneventful and again our platinum status allowed us to skip the longer lines in favor of the shorter ones. Passports, documents, photos, etc. We were plenty early and still barely got a place to sit to wait for boarding time. We were in boarding group 1 which got us on right after the Haven guests, wheelchair folks and casino players.

Once on board we did things like dinner reservations, show reservations and of course my favorite…lunch which was the small buffet set up in Moderno. After lunch and sailaway we watched the New York skyline pass by from our ice cold balcony. Colton and I were out there in with our hoods up and gloves on snapping pictures. Well, at least he was snapping pictures since my phone had once again died. The one thing I wanted photos of was the Conrad, Brookfield Place and Battery Park City where we had spent the afternoon Saturday. It was really interesting passing by those sites with our new found familiarity with the area. At this point I can’t remember all the details, but as usual, we unpacked and waited (more patiently than usual) for our luggage to show up. One actually showed up right away, as soon as the safety drill was finished. Then we proceeded to wait and wonder, would this be the time a bag doesn’t catch up to us. We went ahead and got ready for dinner and then finally the last bag arrived and with a note inside from NCL. Apparently in searching the luggage they found and seized the two water bottles we had stashed in the bag. Can’t have us bringing our own water when there is water to purchase on board for “nominal fee.” That was a definitely a first for us. So anyway, it was in a round about way our fault the one piece of luggage was late as we had tried to “smuggle” a couple half liters or water. Oh well, they taught us a lesson didn’t they.

The rest of the evening was dinner at a main dining room and the welcome aboard show in the theatre. Steph wasn’t feeling well by then so she went to bed a little early. Colton and I strolled the ship a couple more times and decided we were tired as well and turned in. All in all a very typical and enjoyable first day on board.