Port Days

This sure is an unusual writing schedule I’m keeping this trip. The port days have been very good. In Orlando I was able to take Colton to see a little event A Day to Remember put on for their homecoming celebration this week. They are doing 4 shows at House of Blues in Orlando and set up a cool rare merch shop/museum at a local bar. This was open a mere 15 or 16 hours total and it fit our window perfectly to rent a car make a drive to Orlando. Those are some long odds considering probably 99% of their fans couldn’t make it there. So Colton was quite happy with that.

We didn’t leave the ship in Nassau. Unfortunately that is the plan for more and more cruisers much to the dismay of Bahamas tourism people. Steph isn’t happy about it either because what used to be a good day to have the ship to yourself is becoming quite sea day like.

There were six ships in Nassau yesterday which is more than I’ve seen there. Another good reason to stay onboard really. All but one we have either sailed on or are booked to sail on. Even the Carnival Sensation was there which we sailed in 1997 on my first seven day cruise. She’s looking pretty rough by the way. Colton and I skipped the show and noticed late in the evening that we were the only ship left there. That was very weird and also something I don’t ever remember happening.

Walking this week has been unbelievable. So far 3 days at 14k, one at 17k and one just under 20k. I think on the Grandeur I was averaging 12k on a sea day but that was a much smaller ship. Since the ship is enormous it takes a hike of 9 decks or more to go from the promenade to the pool deck. Needless to say I can’t get the others on board with doing that exclusively.

Today is Coco Cay. I’ve no doubt it will be beautiful and thankfully the weather looks as though it will cooperate. My plan is to take my $20 snorkel equipment from Amazon and see what I can see on the free side. The incredible slides and water park stuff is all for a “nominal fee” I’m sure. As usual, no thanks.

Have a good turkey day.