Sea Days

Well into cruise life by now with the first full day under my belt. Boarding day was even almost a full day since we found ourselves on board by 10:30. Thats crazy. My friend who works for Royal says their goal is to have you from the car to the bar asap and it certainly seems they have that mastered. Maybe our being Platinum now factored into that, but I couldn’t see where it did.

Still unfortunately so many little things I dislike about Royal, and I’m not sure I’ll ever consider myself a Royal person. Kind of like how I live in Bridgeport but will never ever be a Bridgeport person. This mornings irritation is lighting. Its time for sunrise now. Primetime for people like me who want to come out and enjoy the sea. Here, it is impossible to sit somewhere and gaze at the ocean without bright lights in your face. And if there is a ceiling, you better believe there are overhead lights spoiling the atmosphere. Ok, thats enough of that. But there are just so many little things like that.

Anyway, I mentioned boarding day was amazing. Yesterday we tried out the bumper cars which is always fun. Colton didn’t grow up on those like I did but he enjoyed it. The air hockey tables here are just about perfect. Unfortunately, it makes our “home ice” back at the Boardwalk seem kind of lacking. Its getting hard to beat Colton, which is good. I have to go all out just to stay in the game.

Food has been ok. Service the first night at dinner was just plain bad. They must have sensed that from us since last night it was greatly improved. They always use “first night” as the reason, but don’t they literally serve those same tables every single night for 6 to 8 months? The buffet is strong is the norm at Royal Caribbean.

Entertainment has been excellent as is also the norm here. We Will Rock You was the same one that was a hit London theatre show. And the 270 venue is incredible with all the technology it puts to use. My favorite though? The first night comedian at an unticketed show in the main theatre. Thats what cruising is supposed to be. Not reserve this and that and pay for this and that.

This ship evokes the same feels as the Oasis of the Seas…I don’t need all this. I realize I’m grouping myself firmly among the older folks, but thats fine. The sea, the food and a show after dinner. Thats all I need.

Don’t let the bellyaching make you think its not good though. Its still a cruise and there is nowhere I’d rather be than right here where I am. I’m just sadly becoming a grumpy old man. And believe me, it bothers me more than it does you.

I’ll check in again after we hit the A Day to Remember pop up shop in Florida. I don’t think its an exaggeration to say that it will be THE highlight of the week for Colton.