New York November 2019

While we got on the road by 6:30 yesterday, it still took us until 2 to get to the hotel. Thats partly due to rain but also to some stops along the way. Apparently the earlier the start the more leisurely trip we’ll allow ourselves. Finally after several years of waiting, we had opportunity to stop at a White Castle for a pile of burgers along the way. So the delay was worth it, for me anyway.

Staying at the Conrad Downtown again. Its our third time here and nice for a one night stay. I wouldn’t choose this location (along the Hudson, just west of the World Trade Center) for a longer stay.

Our abbreviated journey yesterday first took us to the World Trade Center Memorial. Seeing all those names in the footprints of the towers was still unsettling even after all these years. Across the street was the Occulus, which is the crazy looking subway station/shopping mall under the area surrounding world trade center. We rode the subway to Union Square and milled around the Christmas Market that is set up there, this time of year. It was very nice and had hundreds of vendor spaces for small and local businesses. They are put on by Urban Space I believe and there are a handful all around the city. I had the absolute best hot apple cider ever there by the way.

From there we walked south to the Strand Bookstore, Metropolis Vintage Clothing and Muji. The Strand is exactly what a bookstore should be. It’s enormous and doesn’t only have the hip new Oprah and Reese Witherspoon validated books, but all the great stuff thats out there. Metropolis may have actually traumatized Steph. Colton and I wanted to go to see all the cool old band shirts available. And there was a lot to see. Classic metal band tours from the 80’s, old punk bands, mainstream stuff too. That aspect was really great, but much to Steph’s digust, it was all used. And believe it or not sometimes expensive! I totally agreed that I wouldn’t be buying anything, but Steph seemed creeped out that anyone would! Muji of course is the Japanese minimalist type store we fell in love with last summer. I stocked up on notebooks and we headed for the subway station.

We spent more time at underground around the World Trade Center area. As is easy to do underground, we found ourselves three blocks south by the time we were ready to head across the street to Brookfield Place. It was way colder down in this area close the river and super windy. So it wasnt a good time to be momentarily disoriented, but that we were. Colton and I consulted our maps a few minutes later we embarked on the coldest walk I’ve taken in several years over to Brookfield Place. We found some great food places there a few years back and stopped by to get Colton something to eat before retiring for the night.