Grandeur of the Seas – Day by Day

Friday – Maryland

Posted on December 21, 2018 by spridlewv

Well, look where we ended up tonight, Frederick, Maryland. After much discussion, we decided this afternoon to bail and head east early. Probably a wise move considering the forecasts.  Its been a nice evening plus it saved me a lot of worry about a last minute road trip. Crossing the mountains of eastern West Virginia and western Maryland, in the winter, with a good chance of snow, in the dark, at 6 am, under the gun to arrive at the port by sail away didn’t sound real appealing in the first place.

With no reservations, we selected from a couple neighboring hotels when we arrived.  My new favorite chain, Hilton’s Homewood Suites, looked appealing, but the two bedroom suites were sold out for the night.  So we landed at Marriott’s Townplace Suites, which is very nice as well and of course they upgraded us to the two bedroom at no cost.  Don’t skip the rewards programs!  We’ve not stayed anywhere but Hilton or Marriott in 20 years probably.  Sure, they’ve got their hooks in us, but we get cool perks and free rooms.  What do I care?

The Francis Scott Key Mall was unfortunately quite lame. Its weird because its in the middle of a vast commercial area full of all sorts of nice stuff with all the hip new food chains. But the mall itself had an old Middletown Mall vibe.  Definitely from the early 70’s, before the days of the food court. We didn’t spend long, but did enjoy a few minutes of marveling at the endless line of children waiting for Santa, as we wagered which ones would scream when placed on the stranger’s lap. Easy for me to say, I realize, I’m old and my kid is 14 so its obviously not for us.  But considering the bleak state of the world, this seems a fruitless exercise to me.  But I’m probably not a good one to ask. Perhaps those children will change things once I’m gone. But I doubt it.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Glad to be 50 miles from the port tonight and looking forward to a leisurely sail away day morning.

Sunday 12/23 – Sea Day

Posted on December 23, 2018 by spridlewv


First sea day sunrise is a magical time. Still a but chilly this morning so, I’m holed up in the Solarium writing. It’s a beautiful place and I’m certain this seat will be highly coveted later. I wasn’t up until after 6 today, probably due to yesterday being as nuts as it was.
We actually didn’t receive our bags until after 6, when we were already at dinner. So that was more than a little terrifying for poor Steph. It would’ve thrown an odd spin on the trip, but we would’ve managed. They showed up, and Stephanie finally began her vacation.

The internet isn’t quite as reliable as I’d expected after experiencing Oasis last year. So thats been disappointing. On the plus side, when it does work properly, we can stream, which is wonderful. You can actually get decent TV on a cruise when its do it yourself.

Limited Windjammer hours still baffles me, but I’ll live with it. The food has been good though. I’m not one to detail or photo my food, but dinner was great. Our waiter even appeared genuinely concerned about Steph’s well being during her partial nervous breakdown at dinner. Not sure if we’ll do the dining room tonight since its formal night. Oh, speaking of dress, I forgot the best part. Colton and I actually went to dinner on a cruise in band shirts! He in a My Chemical Romance hoodie and I in an Anthrax tour shirt. That, was quite cool. But we had no luggage at the time, so that was that.

I splurged on the Refreshment drink package this time due to the Black Friday sale. I suppose thats a benefit of sailing at Christmas. That gets me literally anything I want from Lattetudes, the coffee bar, in addition to the usual unlimited soda. So thats been awesome.

Two times on the elevator so far. Once at boarding when I wasn’t yet thinking clearly. And the other this morning when the door opened as we passed and Steph automatically jumped in. I’m determined to keep that number to a minimum. Our cabin is on 2 and the pool deck is 9, so its not inconceivable to walk exclusively.

Well, its time for me to drift in to cruise ship life for a while. Internet permitting, I may check back.

Monday 12/24 – Sea Day

Posted on December 24, 2018 by spridlewv


Set the clocks forward last night to Atlantic time, so there was even less activity here at 5:30 than usual. I was first to the coffee shop once he opened as will be customary by the end of the cruise I imagine. Sailing east, I expected sun rise to be a little earlier but I guess the clock change canceled that out.

Yesterday was a great day. Most of the morning was spent in the Solarium and we attempted to learn a new card game in the Centrum in the afternoon. Lunch was in the dining room, and excellent. The food here continues to impress me. Even the Windjammer selection at breakfast was tremendous.

Royal is holding its own so far with respect to my continual criticism. The only real complaint I have is the limited hours for food. And the pool didn’t open yesterday until something ridiculous like close to 11 it seems. Well, that and the lack of a communication app. NCL was light years ahead 5 years ago and the app Carnival has now is perfect. So I don’t quite get that since Royal considers themselves the almighty.

Entertainment has been good so far with a comedian and then a Lionel Richie experience show last night. Listening to that old stuff takes you back to a seemingly different lifetime. Pretty cool.

Yesterday Steph called home prior to our determination that wifi calling wasn’t yet enabled on her phone since its new. So that’ll be a little costly. Something to keep in mind if you’re making calls from sea.

Well, I’d better go check on the sunrise and revisit the coffee shop.

Christmas 12/25 Sea Day

Posted on December 25, 2018 by spridlewv

I proved to myself once again yesterday that I can’t eat like I once did. The food has been so good, and typically I let myself go nuts on a cruise and eat whatever. But I might not survive 12 days of that behavior. Last night reminded me of the extent to which my state of mind is dependent on caring for my physical self. The more or less re-invented person that has developed over the last three years or so doesn’t quite go for the throw caution to the wind mentality of the past apparently. So today, I’ll put the brakes on a bit and we’ll see if this evening I don’t feel a little better.
I’m finding I don’t have a lot to write about this trip. Nothing is out of the ordinary from traditional cruising. Thats a good thing, I guess. Though a little of Norwegian’s flexibility and Carnival’s variety would be nice. Royal’s insistence on very limited hours for almost everything is off putting. Colton even commented on the ice cream machine machines yesterday. Why on earth does a self-serve ice cream machine need hours?! Also, 11:30 yesterday in a Solarium full of people, the Park Cafe is closed until noon. By 11:30 on Norwegian they’re serving up grilled chicken right there on deck. Oh well, guess its just their way.
We discovered a card game Colton likes. So thats been fun. I imagine we’ll wear that out this cruise.
Watching the sunrise now as its beginning to rain on me. So thats weird. Probably should end this and head in til it passed. See ya

Wednesday 12/26 – St. Croix, USVI

Posted on December 26, 2018 by spridlewv


A few lights are finally visible on the horizon this morning. You can cover a lot of distance traveling 24 hours a day.
So, I’ve experienced Christmas on a cruise now, and it was pretty cool actually. For the most part it was a normal cruise day and the majority of passengers, me included, wanted it that way. Breakfast, deck chair, book, pool, nap, dinner, show. A sea day nutshell. However, it was also obviously Christmas. Decorations adorned the atrium, a guest choir, assembled this week, sang for much of the afternoon, catholic and multi-denominational services were held in the theatre, and the best part, in my opinion anyway, was all these families with little kids at breakfast (and throughout the day) in their holiday pajamas and slippers which often were matching. It was cute as could be. That part, I am all about. These little families with giddy little kids being together all day. That is Christmas. Forget the religious connotations, make it about the little kids all wrapped up in how incredibly awesome it all is, and yes, Christmas is wonderful. Sadly, as with everything, the baggage ruins it all. Anyway…I say all that to say it was a great day. It could be whatever you want. A salty and gluttonous day of food and drink by the pool, or a really neat version of Christmas. All in all very nice and I can see why the rates are high.
Well, the sky is getting brighter. Time for me to deliver a coffee to Steph and then do a lap or two before breakfast. Have a great Boxing Day. Assuming we make it back safely from the island today, I’ll report back later.

Steps and such

Posted on December 26, 2018 by spridlewv

My step project is doing acceptably well, just not perfect. I’ve been on the elevators 5 times total I believe. Averaging once a day I guess. And those trips are usually when Steph has on uncomfortable shoes after dinner. If its just me, steps are the only option. The most I go is 2 to 10, so its not too bad. Although I’d swear I’m hurting more now when I climb them than I was Saturday. I don’t even want to think of how much more weight I’m hauling now than 4 days ago.
The pedometer is averaging over 12k steps a day, so I’m happy with that too. It’s probably pretty good considering this is a small ship. And I don’t always have the phone on me.
I guess the bad thing is that I can do all these things right and still wind up with an extra 10lbs at the end.
That’s my activity update for now.

Thursday 12/27 – Antigua

Posted on December 27, 2018 by spridlewv

My steps read over 12k by noon yesterday so we obviously did some exploring, but man there wasn’t a lot to see at St. Croix. Maybe a couple stores were open, thats it. Apparently there are two formal “do absolutely nothing” holidays in the Caribbean and those are December 25 and 26. I think Colton might have enjoyed it a little more than usual that way actually. It was a crazy atmosphere. It had the appearance of an incredibly poor little island town with every building locked up tight and a few dozen American tourists hesitantly walking the streets wondering which one would be their last. So yeah, it was definitely interesting, just not expected. Some tour operators were still in business though so if we wanted to invest a few hours exploring the rest of the island we could have. But we opted not to.
Food continues to be excellent, thus ensuring I’ll have a heck of a project on tap when we return.
Last nights dinner wasn’t very crowded for much of the time so we had super personal service from Faisal, who has been a delight. He’s from Indonesia and is going home 25days from now for a three month vacation. But that’s not the best part, his wife was 8mo pregnant when he left home for his first 8mo contract here. Now he’s got a nearly 6mo old child waiting to meet his dad for the first time when he gets home next month. Thats dedication.
Steph found a good deal on some monster boxes of candy not long before we left so she brought one for our cabin steward, waiter and assistant waiter. I wish we’d have brought Faisal something more.
Sailing into St. Johns Antigua now with a rainbow over the ship. Pretty darn cool.

Friday 12/28 – St. Lucia

Posted on December 28, 2018 by spridlewv

I thought the wind was bad yesterday morning! I made my trek across Deck 10 this morning with my coffee, Dr. Pepper and cantaloupe in tow only to be beaten back down to Deck 9 by the wind. Full or not, my drinks wouldn’t have stood a chance against that wind.
It is really cool seeing new places for a change. St. Lucia is a common stop on Southern Caribbean itineraries so we’ve never visited. Thats where we’ll be today.
Yesterday was St. Johns, Antigua. A new town to explore on foot plus an excursion to Stingray City which took us on a half hour drive plus a ten minute boat ride to our destination. The natural beauty in the Caribbean is mind blowing.
Stingray City came highly recommended by a friend at work and it was as good as described in my opinion. The boats took us to a shallow area of the ocean nowhere near land so that was amazing. You’re in waist high crystal clear water walking among stingrays the size of your kitchen table far away from shore in every direction. Really cool. The clear water and nearby coral make for good snorkeling as well if you choose to do so. Colorful little fish are literally everywhere down there.
While at Stingray City we met Cody, who is sailing with his grandmother. He did the excursion solo and was brave enough to take his iphone into the water. We took all kinds of pictures with it. We’ll catch up with him today and hopefully get to take a look at them. We were able to feed the stingrays some squid which was cool. My advice is to keep your fingers tucked though, because they do bite, as Colton and I found out.
It was a three hour excursion bu the time you factor in getting there and back, but well worth the time and money.
The town of St. Johns was busy, but didn’t have a whole lot of interesting things to offer. Plenty of bars, liquor stores and jewelry stores, of course, but our little crew doesn’t have a lot of interest in those these days. Still nice to walk around though.
Colton and I talked about the two sides of the American freedom coin. In a lot of ways, places like that are far more “free” than home. I’ve no doubt he could’ve gone to the “casinos” or bought alcohol or anything else. A store owner back in Frederiksted even called his town Freedom City because you can walk down the street smoking weed and drinking if you want. But at the same time, in St. John’s, the sidewalks are treacherous and the traffic is chaotic. So in the US, a apparently we give up freedom for safety and uniformity? Its interesting to think about.
Well, I set the precedent early on and thus need to take Stephanie her morning Cafe Mocha now.
I’ll report back later.

Saturday 12/29 – St. Kitts

Posted on December 29, 2018 by spridlewv


Do you want to know why today is such a great day? Because if this were a normal cruise we’d be preparing for disembarking and the return to normalcy. As it is, I’m still close to 2000miles from home with two port days and three sea days ahead. That makes Steph and I happy.
Thankfully Colton is hanging in there too. Even though I know he wouldn’t mind returning to his guitars tonight, he’s going through the motions for us. He’s 14 though, so that could change at any moment.
Today is St. Kitts. I don’t see us getting into too much since the last two days have been full. Anything can happen though.
Before I go, I have to tell you about yesterday….
Our day yesterday gets mixed reviews. That means Steph wasn’t crazy about it but Colton and I loved every bit of it. Sailing into St. Lucia was crazy beautiful with all the green mountains. Mid morning sometime we got off with Cody, our adopted son this trip, and set out with no plan whatsoever. As with all these islands you have to run the gauntlet of cabbies and tour operators offering their services. Antigua was the worst as I must have said “no thank you” a hundred times in the span of the first couple blocks from the ship. Anyway, at St. Lucia, we were at least open to the idea and talked to one of them. He wanted us to do a 2 and a half hour tour. Throwing him a curveball we talked him down to 1 and a half hours for less money. We had no desire to go the the southern part of the island which is over an hour away over mountainous terrain but instead just wanted a nice tour of Castries and the surrounding areas. Our tour was just that. The four of us traveled around the city and into the nearby hills up to an elevation around 900ft above sea level. This gave us great photo opportunities and with Cody around we were actually able to get some of the three of us for a change. The driver was very informative and educated us all about the island and its history.
After returning to the ship we ate lunch and rested a bit before meeting up with Cody for a walk to Vigie Beach. The beach isn’t far away at all, but the airport runway lies between the port and the beach. It wouldn’t have been an expensive cab ride at all but we really desired a nice walk. And walk we did! It was quite a trek half the length of the runway along a busy road to get to the end and across. Once on the other side we were faced with the prospect of walking back the length of the runway to what appeared to be the main part of the beach. Rather than do that, we opted to walk across a semi-New Orleans style cemetery as a shortcut. Colton probably hadn’t seen one of those so, he thought it was quite cool. Cody and Steph were lagging behind Colton and I as we entered the cemetery and I’m sure they thought we were nuts. Thankfully a fence didn’t greet us on the beach side and we proceeded to walk along the beach in the water. After maybe ten minutes a downpour hit causing us to huddle under a massive tree to stay somewhat dry. By this time Steph, considering the rain and our way longer than expected walk, was more than ready to go back to the ship, but the prospect of a nearby cab was slim. We continued up the beach to a small resort hotel which looked really nice. I knew we shouldn’t be on their property but I also knew through there was the best way to a cab. A security guy did stop Cody which didn’t go well, and thankfully I caught another employee’s eye who more or less looked at me like, what are you people doing here? I explained we just needed a cab and she said to follow her. We walked all through the place and by the pool and their guests. Just american misfits on parade, wet, tired and carrying our shoes with sandy feet. I can imagine her thinking, oh my I’ve found this bunch and just need to get them out of here quietly. Anyway she let us rinse our feet and called a cab. The one that came looked more or less like a town car compared to all the other cabs we’d seen. He drove us back to the pier for for a reasonable charge and we were back. All in all it wasn’t that much time, but it sure was an adventure! Colton and I thought it was awesome and unlike anything you’d expect. As Colton said, you’re not going to buy an experience like that from the man! Steph lacks our sense of adventure though and was quite glad to be back.

Sunday 12/30 – St. Maarten

Posted on December 30, 2018 by spridlewv


This trip has had such a long feel to it. Thats a good thing, but I am beginning to grow a little tired. Not of the trip, just physically tired. I’m sure my insistence on being up at 5:45 and taking the stairs everywhere are factors. Or it could be that I easily weigh ten lbs more now than a week ago. Whatever…we head north around 5 Atlantic time and I’m not changing a thing until I’m off this beautiful vessel in Raven town.
We didn’t do much yesterday other than walk around the Port Zante area. It’s significantly larger than most other cruise ports and very nice for those unadventurous on board. We did venture out into the city for a few blocks as well, which was interesting, but all in all we were only off a couple hours. We did see the Chinese restaurant our waiter Faisal was anticipating as well.
A good chunk of our time off was spent at Royal Gems, a jewelry store highly recommended by a friend at work. Josh cruises as much as we do and unlike us, knows what he’s doing when it comes to jewelry. Anyway, he has literally made very good friends there. He’s told me all about them, the kids, visiting their home, etc. So I at least wanted to stop by and say hi. I asked for Cheryl and introduced myself as a friend of Josh’s and she was beside herself! She was so pleased and incredibly welcoming to us! She gave us hugs as though we were family. She also offered to get us all drunk, not yet knowing we were quite a bit more boring than Josh and his wife. We declined but did take her up on some excellent fruit punch type drinks. We talked for quite a while and she noticed Cody looking at jewelry. So she put on her sales hat and lectured him on the sub par quality of what he had purchased in Antigua. Eventually she sold him a much nicer piece that even my untrained eye could tell was much better quality. So my visit was a success for both of them, which is great. Cody got a good deal, Cheryl got a good sale and I met some very nice people. So all were happy. Except Colton unfortunately who found himself sitting in a jewelry store for much longer than he would have desired.
Cody is thinking jet skis today, so if he pulls that off I may risk my life later on. I’ll keep you posted!

Monday 12/31 – Sea Day

Posted on December 31, 2018 by spridlewv

Sadly, we’re northbound again. Looks like we’re a couple hundred miles north of the British Virgin Islands currently.
I crashed early last night and wasn’t out and about by the end of the Ravens game. It was tense enough in my cabin, but nothing like it had to have been for the huge chunk of the ship’s passengers who are Ravens fans dominating the public areas. Good for them though. They deserve the Division more than we do this year in this Steelers Fan’s opinion.
Anyway, I noticed this morning that the balloons tied up at the top of the atrium for New Years tonight are black and gold. Can you imagine if Cleveland could have pulled that off last night, causing the steelers hate to boil over only to then have their New Years celebration marred by an avalanche of black and gold. Man that would have been sweet. Alas it didn’t happen. The Browns remain the Browns.
So yesterday was another great day. I’ve loved St. Maarten since our first visit in 97 on the Carnival Sensation. We didn’t do a lot other than take the water taxi to town and rent a bit of beach space for a while. This was our second time at this particular beach establishment, which had to have been the absolute worst place on the beach. So yeah, our repeat business doesn’t say much for our preparation does it. It served its purpose though and offered us a place to hang out for a few hours. We also tried out the jet skis which I thought was fantastic. Of course, I wasn’t saddled with driving, that was Colton’s job. I just held on tight and enjoyed the scenery. It was all new to us and something I’m sure we’ll do again sometime. Once again I’m trusting Cody for photos since he was brave enough to fly across the waves with his phone in hand. We’ll get together sometime the next couple days and swap pictures.
Well that’s all I have for today. We changed the clocks back to Eastern last night so way more people were up at 5:30 this morning than usual and it’s thrown off my mojo.

Tuesday 1/1 – Sea Day

Posted on January 1, 2019 by spridlewv

Happy 2019! So we survived New Years Eve on a ship. It was an interesting atmosphere, but I don’t think I would ever pay extra for the experience. It was basically like formal night on steroids. People were dressed to kill here. Most people that is. A handful of us bucked the system and still enjoyed ourselves, but when it came down to the last 10-15 minutes of 2018, Colton and I wore the only shorts and t-shirts to be seen among the mass of high class humanity crammed into the center of it all on Deck 4. And to take it a step further, as Colton is apt to do, he wore his Screeching Weasel shirt and Kiss boxers. The reactions he got were fantastic and probably even photo worthy at times.
And while this post won’t sound like it, I really am softening on my anti-Royal Caribbean attitude. The line does a lot really well. At the same time though they could really benefit from some lessons from other lines. I guess what I dislike about Royal is the arrogance and condescention of their fans. Spend any time on the Cruise Critic boards and I guarantee you will roll your eyes at the opinions of those who think its the only thing out there worth doing.
Anyway, that said, for what the passengers brought to the New Years party, Royal Caribbean disappointed. They had separate “parties” going on at South Pacific, Royal Viking, Pool Deck and Atrium. Over the course of the three hours after Steph went to bed and midnight, Colton and I bounced between all of them. South Pacific was karaoke early and then a band by midnight and Royal Viking was, as Dangerfield would say, “the dance of the living dead.” The pool deck was an embarrassment. A band played and the pool was open, so those are steps in the right direction. But the big screen had a countdown clock. Literally every network in the world has Times Square coverage on New Years Eve and they have a countdown clock. No more than a couple dozen people were on the pool deck any time we passed through.
The biggest, by far, passenger party was in the atrium where folks were to have “dressed to impress.” The rails of every deck were packed and much of deck four was filled with reserved VIP tables outfitted with champagne and party favors. Note that these tables were “from $900.” Insane. It was packed tight by midnight though and thats where Colton and I placed ourselves as 2019 arrived.
The best party was obviously the crew party happening on Deck 3. In the midst of killing those three hours we did laps on 5 where the sounds of the crew party dominated the atmosphere. Celebrating crew members poured in and out of the crew only doors along the promenade and I’d bet they were the ones having the most fun. And why not, it’s their home and we’re merely visitors.
My only real complaint from the evening though was the food. There was none. This is a New Years party with the guests bringing their best and the food available? Burgers, hotdogs and pizza at Park Cafe. That is ridiculous. I know midnight buffets are a thing of long ago cruising, but if ever there was an occasion to revive the tradition, would it not be New Years? Norwegian has vastly better deck parties for no real reason every single cruise. And Royal can’t throw out some treats when probably 75% of the ship is still out and about at 11pm? Oh well. I doubt we make a habit of spending this holiday at sea. It was definitely fun and we had a great time, but to pay higher rates just to do so isn’t something I see us doing.
Thats all for today. It’s beautiful here still and probably 70’s so I’m squeezing in one more day on deck before no doubt spending the day in the Solarium tomorrow.
Have a great new year.

Wednesday 1/2 – Last Sea Day

Posted on January 2, 2019 by spridlewv

Oh man, how did we reach this point already. A month ago, I was so concerned that it might be too many days, a bad ship, too stuffy or even just too Royal Caribbean. I was sure Colton would be miserable after 7days. Of course, none of that proved true. For the most part, I’ve been successful at removing anxiety and worry from my life, but this trip bothered me for several reasons. None of them turned out to matter a bit. I’m not sure it could have gone much better.
I was able to chat with Santi one more time this morning at the coffee shop. Six am is nice for that, it’ll be busy the rest of today and crazy tomorrow I’m sure. Unlimited Starbucks served by a friendly face is definitely something I’ll miss.
Somehow, its the last sea day and I’m writing from the same place I have all week. Deck 10 awaiting sunrise. The weather has been unbelievable. Although I guess the wise move will soon be to the Solarium as seats there will be hard to find later. Its nice enough to be out here, but not quite pool weather.
Nothing of note really to report on yesterday. Back to the sea day routine. We did get in a card game, lots of Starbucks, and lots of pool/deck time. I finished a second book this week. I think ample reading time is my favorite part of sea days. Of course Steph and Colton think I’m nuts, but fellow book nerds understand.
We did get a chance to meet up with Cody to swap pictures. He had been up until 7am yesterday. I’m glad he found some people his own age to play with. My speed of cruising is perfect for me, but Im old. In fact, the lady at the beach resort in St. Maarten who rescued us assumed Cody was our son. He didn’t tell her otherwise but he did add that he was adopted. You know you’re not young anymore when people think the 28yr old you’re hanging out with is your son. He got some great pictures though that I’m sure I’ll post in time.
I was up around 5:15 this morning to take in my favorite hours in my favorite place one more time. Man, I’m going to miss this. June seems so far away.
Tomorrow’s entry here won’t be too interesting either unless something out if the ordinary happens today. I’ll begin working on a review soon which I foresee being an apology to Royal for my past negativity. I have some issues, but As I’ve said before, a cruise is a cruise.

Thursday 1/3 – Home

Posted on January 3, 2019 by spridlewv

<sigh> Well, I write this last entry from home. Yesterday already seems so long ago I don’t even recall what happened. Actually, not much did. The hour I spent writing around 6am on Deck 10 yesterday turned out to be my last time there. The weather turned cold and rainy very fast and as suspected we set up shop in the Solarium until around noon. After a last lunch at Windjammer it was time to pack and after a 12 day cruise, packing is quite a project. Dinner was good and the Farewell show featured a comedian so we were happy.

Checking our location one last time before bed I saw we were nearing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and even cold and dark thats a cool thing to experience. So Colton and I went for one last stroll around and to the front of the ship as we passed the bridge. It signified the end of the trip and bed time was upon us.

Thanks for reading this week, if indeed anyone did. I’ll have a review up before too long.

Steps and such, Part 2

Posted on January 4, 2019 by spridlewv

Home and settled this morning at laundry central.  I didn’t plan this post, but felt I should share that my weigh-in this morning was a mere 4.6 lbs up from exactly two weeks ago.  If you read along this cruise, you know that I fully expected double digits.  I literally ate anything and everything I wanted for most of two weeks and refused to put on the brakes.  So this is a huge victory for me and I absolutely credit it to using the stairs. The first day I determined that on a small ship where 8 decks is the most I’d ever have to take at one time, there was simply no excuse, for me anyway, not to do that.  The last couple days I did have to relent some because I was growing quite sore.  I’d like to figure up an average steps per day, but haven’t determined a good way to get that data from Pacer yet.      I would guess its around 15k steps a day with a lot of those being on the stairs.

Thats my good news.  If you are a cruiser and concerned about weight gain, seriously consider forgoing the elevator as much as possible.  Its worth it.