New York City June 2nd, 2017

Wow, what a day today has been. Our most enjoyable day in New York in a long time. After breakfast at the hotel we hit the subway for Central Park and the Zoo. Its a tiny zoo and the variety of animals isn’t the greatest but the setting is unbeatable in my opinion. I’m sure a factor was that the weather was perfect, but the scenes were very nice. From the zoo we spent some time walking through the park which was also beautiful. By design we eventually wound up at the southwest corner and Columbus Circle where we wanted to visit the new Amazon Bookstore. Its on the third floor of the Time Warner Center which is a small upscale shopping center that was very nice. The bookstore wasn’t huge, but a cute place and a neat idea since Amazon at one time seemed to have had a hand in killing actual bookstores. We headed south and explored Broadway all the way back to Times Square and the hotel.

Then following a rest break we hit the subway in the other direction and down to 23rd Street and 5th at Madison Square Park. My trip research had led me to discover a couple things in this area worth checking out. First stop was Eataly, which is a place Steph had discovered years ago as a fan of Mario Batali. It was fascinating combination of markets and eateries with a strong Italian theme. It would have been a delightful place to eat but first we wanted to check out Mad. Sq. Eats, which was a small sort of food festival set up across the street. It was a crowded little spot with many food selections from local restaurants. We decided on a lobster roll and some empanadas which we enjoyed at a table in Madison Square Park. Unfortunately Steph wasn’t crazy about our selection and really wished we had eaten at Eataly. Oh well, you live and learn. Now that we know where it is we’ll undoubtedly be back though because it was a very cool place. We did pick up some cookies from there for dessert and headed north, once again on Broadway toward Times Square. The only place we stopped on the way back was at Macy’s around 34th St. where I picked up some things I had been unable to find at home. By the time we arrived back at the hotel, we had walked a good chunk of Broadway today from Columbus Circle at 8th and 59th clear down to Madison Square Park at 5th and 23rd. It was a wonderful day, but I think it wore out Colton because back at the hotel he crashed for a few hour nap.

When it became obvious to me that the others didn’t care about heading back out for an evening shift. I decided hit the streets again on my own for the first time in a long time. It was delightful. I didn’t stray far, but all in all I packed on another two and half miles of exercise and thoroughly enjoyed the lively midtown atmosphere. Now I’m pretty well exhausted and ready to sleep so we can get our next voyage underway tomorrow.