New York City June 1, 2017

Trip from home was uneventful. Didn’t make very good time due to some construction we came across which probably knocked us back an hour getting to the city. Once through the Holland Tunnel we tried to find a little place on Canal St. that Steph had seen on TV. But we had no luck. So we decided just to head to Midtown and the hotel. As usual I had to try and find some new territory on the way though. Since we were already on the Lower East Side it would be nice views driving up FDR Dr. along the river. For as nice as it is driving on the west side along the Hudson, the East River and FDR Drive were quite disappointing. So we exited at 63rd St. and worked our way through a whole lot of traffic over to Times Square and dropped the car with the valet. After dropping the stuff in the room we hit the streets and walked over to 11th Ave. and the West Gotham Market. It turned out to be a very nice selection of eateries. We found some stuff we liked and sat down for a rest break. Since we were aready at 11th, Colton wanted to walk over to the river, which is always nice. So we found ourselves at Pier 84 which was pretty cool because our cruises always leave from Pier 88 and we were familiar with the area.

After watching the dogs play at the dog park for a while we worked our way back to Times Square along 42nd St. and crashed at the hotel for a little while. Next it was over to 6th Ave. and the NHL store for some new Penguins attire for the cruise. Then up to Rockefeller Center for a Jamba Juice. They closed the one we used to frequent at Times Square. Back down 6th to another old favorite place, Bryant Park. And while we weren’t necessarily looking for something to eat we happened across a little Wafels and Dinges. At first we were just going to get Colton a snack, but after browsing the menu bit Steph and I decided to split a double something or other as well. So by the time we were done it was pretty much another full meal. Guess I should get in the habit of taking pictures of my food, but I’ve never been crazy about that practice. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it was awesome as usual. Back through Times Square to the hotel for a bit. Later, Colton and I went back out to enjoy Times Square after dark before bed and that never disappoints.