“What happened?”

Making the decision to think for yourself among Christians ensures one inevitable thing. You’ll be asked by someone, “Awww, what happened?” The assumption perhaps being along the lines that an argument over cleaning dishes at a church potluck dinner upset you enough to just throw up your hands to the whole thing. Or that such and such made a disparaging remark about some aspect of your lifestyle you hold dear. Ceasing attendance at a church because you simply no longer buy what it sells as truth, just doesn’t click with everyone. It’s unfathomable to many believers because they’ve towed the party line from the day their environment convinced them of that philosophy as an impressionable child and always will.

Church is the default social club and leaving that club can be for no other reason than one or more of its members upset you. This leads to the question of what happened. What awful thing happened that drove you away? My answer to that question is repetitively that I gave the bible and its believers 20yrs of solid study and devotion and learned that its foundation isn’t likely remotely close to truth. It’s just that simple. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. Did I like all those people? Not at all. But I didn’t like them from the start and still treated them as family because that’s what one does in a church of like-minded believers. The church part wasn’t a social club for me, but rather a place to be taught aspects of what I understood as truth that I might not have deduced on my own. To be taught directly by the author of this truth so to speak.

Nothing happened other than that I made, what I believe, is an educated and hard-earned personal decision regarding the direction, purpose, and understanding of this short life I have the opportunity to live.

You know what, though? Five years later I suppose something had happened. Something that has advanced me from simply being a non-believer in christianity to someone who utterly despises every single thing about it and will do my best to eliminate every trace of its influence from my existence from here until my ride is ended. I don’t like to hate things. Sure we all “hate” rival sports teams for a myriad of reasons and that’s fine but that’s ultimately entertainment. This is real life. The hate that I have for Christianity goes beyond that. Far beyond that. I see what it does to people and how it makes them sometimes squander the one opportunity they have to live this wonderful life simply because they’ve been promised by charlatans that another, better life is coming when they die. Provided they keep up the monthly payments, of course.

“For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.” Matthew 10:35

Today many of my relationships are less than what they could be, for no other reason than Christianity. I won’t say that they are beyond repair, but it feels more that way all the time. Recovery is beside the point here. The point is that this cancer corrupts a person’s entire perspective on being to such an extent that their god always comes first at the expense of even those closest. The bible commands it many times in many ways, and believers even like to wear that fact as a badge of honor. That is unbelievably sad.  Who would volunteer to sacrifice lifelong relationships and priorities for any reason, let alone a mythical sky fairy that will only make himself apparent after you’re dead. Sure, we’ll love one another to the end. But that doesn’t mean things work as efficiently as they could, and it sure doesn’t mean relationships haven’t been discolored.

So, yeah. Something did happen. It’s just taken a while to manifest itself. And it’ll do nothing but strengthen my resolve to stand against christianity at every turn and continue to go my own way in this life.