Georgia/Florida Line 11/18/2017

Perfect weather, perfect scenery, perfect morning walk.

We didn’t even come close to scratching the surface of what Savannah, Georgia has to offer, but to say we were impressed is an understatment. I was up at 6 putting a dent in the coffee and fruit available at the hotel, walking along the river at sunrise and reading at the rooftop bar after that. By 7:30 Steph and Colton were up for breakfast. From there we hit the streets and made a two and a half mile loop around the historic (aka touristy) area. Unfortunately, while the city’s nightlife is immensely popular, there really isn’t a whole lot going on from 8 to 10am other than the scenery. The weather was absolutely perfect. Typically our November cruise is from New York or Baltimore where its freezing by now. Investing a day in driving yesterday was a small price to pay to experience the morning we did today in Savannah.

Next stop was Jacksonville for what was to have been a quick stop at St. John’s Town Center to find lunch. We were hardly expecting the enormity of the upscale outdoor mall. It was beautiful and appeared to have one of everything. For some reason we wound up at Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Fantastic food all around which, I think, surprised all of us. No cheesecake this time though, as our eyes were bigger than our stomachs with everything else. After lunch we strolled all around the area but managed not to spend any money. So that was good, especially since lunch was a little pricey. There was actually too much to see, since it threw us well behind schedule for our next stop.

As close as I got to seeing anything


I had all but given up on touring Daytona Speedway this trip until the extra full day became a reality. Then I was on board to at least do the 30min tour if nothing else, the catch was that we’d have to be there by 3:30. Well, our late departure from Savannah, long lunch at Jacksonville and I-95 traffic delivered us to the speedway parking lot at 4pm. I was truly surprised at how much that disappointed me. Originally it had been a take it or leave it kind of thing. Then once we made it all the way to Savannah last night, I assumed it was definite. But alas, we didn’t make it. The visitor’s center is a joke. Unless you are an enormous NASCAR fan with a whole lot of money to burn. Essentially a gift shop was all they had to offer. It was nice enough, I’m just not a NASCAR guy. Anyway, you couldn’t even catch a glimpse of the inside of the stadium and the actual track without doing a tour. It really disappointed me and I’m not entirely sure why.

Amazing what you can do with year round good weather

So back to I-95. Steph drove, Colton slept and I researched available hotels in the Port Canaveral area for the night. We actually landed at the very hotel I had reserved probably a year ago and then canceled once our plans changed the first time. The rate was considerably more doing it last minute but thats ok. We wound up where I wanted to wind up all along. We’re literally less than a mile from the cruise terminal, and based on the location, I anticpate being able to see at least the top decks from the pool area where I anticipate swilling coffee in less than 9hrs! We’re able to leave our car here and forgo the $18 per day +/- parking at the terminal. Only hangup will be if its a hassle getting from the ship back to here next Sunday. But I’m sure you’ll hear about that here assuming this little project still exists by then.