Rock of Ages

Somehow or another the 6:30 show that we understood had been canceled was on! That is what we learned at 5:30 as we entered Taste for dinner. But how could we eat dinner and get to the theatre in less than an hour? Turns out with a little cooperation from the wait staff it can be done. We ordered our traditional turkey dinner around 5:45 and had our food by 6 as a result of the waiter trying to help us make the show. Unfortunately we didn’t have any cash with us to tip him, but hopefully he understood we were grateful.

We scoped out 4th row seats and enjoyed the pre show ambiance of some of my favorite 80’s music, like Cinderella, Poison and Lita Ford. I don’t know if Colton understands how influential the music and scene of the Sunset Strip in 80’s was for me. As I think I’ve noted before, some of the music played in the Rock of Ages doesn’t really belong there. But rather than letting that bother me, I took in the whole thing and enjoyed it all from start to finish.

Colton is old enough now that he appreciates music and concerts the way I did as a teenager. Over the summer we took him to see Billy Joel put on a tremendous show in Pittsburgh and I can’t wait to follow that up with something next summer as well.

Today was a fantastic day. We slept in a little, although I have no idea what time it actually was when we got up. Breakfast was at the Garden Cafe and then we found some deck chairs with our names on them. It was there that we ended up planting ourselves until almost 4pm. I’d like to say tomorrow will be more of the same, but since we’ll be headed north again the weather may dictate otherwise.