Sea Days

By this point in a cruise I’ve usually got a complaint or two accumulated and this one is no different. Nothing serious of course, just observations that I’m not crazy about. I always purchase the unlimited soda package so I can satisfy my Diet Pepsi cravings at my home away from home. In the past its always been a routine of mine to swing by various bars all through the day to easily pick up Pepsi. This cruise however, the bars are so crowded all the time, presumably because of the way NCL has been pushing the Ultimate Beverage Program. So everyone’s got these free drinks coming to them now and the bars are crazy! Anyway, its been just a little irritating. But yes, I understand that if thats all I’ve got to complain about, it must be a pretty good cruise.

Our steady southward cruising finally paid off today and the cold weather is officially behind us. So that means this morning we were up and out to the deck bright and early to grab some chairs and breakfast. We sat out there and read for a good while before we briefly hit the pool. The water was a little cold for us though so we didn’t stay in long.

Last night was Burn the Floor, a small step above the typical “singing and dancing” show that I usually don’t much enjoy. Tonight is Rock of Ages, which Colton is really looking forward to. Thats been about it for entertainment so far. We haven’t caught a Second City show in Headliners yet, but that may be coming up tonight as well. Which is probably a good thing if I’m expected to stay awake through Rock of Ages which doesn’t start until 9:30.

Dinner Monday was the noodle bar. We all enjoyed it very much. Tonight is La Cucina which is the Italian specialty restaurant. Over the summer on the Gem, La Cucina was a hit as I had a great filet and a huge piece of tiramisu. Food has been very good this cruise so far. Snack time is around 3 every afternoon where we get cookies and coffee. And even though they remodeled the Uptown Grill to be a Margaritaville, they still offer breakfast there which makes us happy.

Oh, I almost forgot about all the big boxes of Christmas decorations that showed up on board the Breakaway today. I guess it’s that time and we’ll probably see the stuff going up throughout the rest of the week. I’ll have to be sure and get some photos for my mom. Til next time.