A Foggier New York

Wow, this is weird. I got up at 4:30 this morning in anticipation of a 2008 like ride under the bridge and back up the river. But no, I get a lot of fog with a blaring fog horn. Speaking of that, I now recall a downside to the Deck 9 forward cabin location planned for next summer. We were in that general locale many years back on this ship and the fog horn does tend to startle you from time to time. Anyway, the other thing I see is that a good deal of the likely city dwelling 20 somethings opted to stay up all night. Maybe they can can across town and crash in their own bed in a few hours. It would be nice to not be staring at a 7hr car ride.

A little more light now. I’m going to go see what I can see….

I found that all I can see is more fog. The ship has to be crawling and I bet we’re going to be really late. 5:15 and nowhere near the bridge even.

Looking like my gamble isn’t going to pay off. The big bowls of fruit are out down there, but still all covered. I’m three coffees in at 5:15 and think it may be time to go grab the kindle. It may be lunch before we’re in the car.

I’ll check in later.

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