Last Sea Days

Well, here we go. Outside looks like the photo, inside the approaching return to reality is making things dark. Perhaps the time I had pneumonia and spent the last sea days in bed, I wanted to go home. Maybe. But thats probably it. I don’t typically want the life that is waiting back there.

Nothing exciting to speak of yesterday. Lots of early deck/pool time before Carnival took over with its nonsensical games. We vacated shortly after that chaos began.

I’m not sure the occasion, but yesterday was throwback day. Back to 1987 in fact, which was interesting for me since that was a pretty good period of my life. Music was from those days which was the height of the hair band era so that was cool. The Carnival Capers was printed in the same format as back then. They did a midnight buffet and galley tour. It wasn’t overwhelming, but it was pretty cool from my perspective. 1987 was the year of my very first visit to New York City. The 1957 Corvette my Dad had rebuilt a part at a time for years was finally finished. And better yet, I was able to drive it in WI’s and RW’s Homecoming Parades. We were still in those years where WVU football made the world go round. Mom and I made weekend runs to Virginia and Charleston. Those days were a good time. Sorry, digressed a bit didn’t I.

Oh get this, we go to tea time for a change. No dinner due to formal night. So it was a late lunch of burgers and then tea time. All nice and classy in the aft dining room like the old days. The guy brings a fancy box of lipton tea bags. I’ve got nothing against Lipton tea, buy I still asked for Earl Grey. He pulled the fancier box of tea out and advised us that tea would be $1.95 a bag. I think Steph and I simultaneously tossed them back in the box and said, “keep it.” That bit of funny aside, its a symbol of the state of cruising today and a good reason why I’m so critical of everything.

We did two comedy shows that were so so at best then stuck our heads in the main show only to see, it looked pretty good. I’ll choose stand up comedy 99% of the time, but we may have made a poor choice last night.

As has become the routine, the day was closed out with the Black Diamonds violin duo. Note that despite the three violinists, they are a duo. Don’t ask me. This time Colton and I were able to talk with Tamara from Ukraine who is the center stage beauty of the group. I suppose that makes her the default spokesperson. We were there to buy a CD so she was of course nice enough to spend time talking to us. Hopefully I can fit their music into my rotation. I still listen regularly to the pianist Jeffery Munks who we met on Horizon last year.

Anyway, thats it. Sorry to close with a dud, but the spirit has left the building. I shouldn’t say close because I’ll write something short tomorrow even if its from the car. Five am on the day you go home isn’t near the peaceful place it is otherwise. Though I might get up earlier just to sail up the Hudson since we missed it whenever that was we left. Last year, I was up at 5 and we were already halfway to the piers! Hopefully tomorrow is that smooth and we’re on the road early. If anything interesting comes up today, I’ll be sure to tell you about it. Have a good day.

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