Grand Turk

I’ve always been intrigued by western Caribbean itineraries since I’ve only gone that direction twice in 40ish cruises. And I’m not even sure my first cruise counts as a true western since its only ports were Key West and Cozumel. But after all this time I think I’m beginning to see why the eastern side is preferred. I know, I can be a slow learner.

We’ve had great days at every stop the last few cruises. Sure Tortola wasn’t that great this time around but thats just a result of no preparation on our part. There is plenty to get into there.

Our visit to Grand Turk yesterday, while much like our visit last summer, was still a truly wonderful time. We rented a golf cart again. Don’t be mislead by its name though, Speedy was definitely of the same worn out, bald tire breed as Turtle from last summer. I tried to get Colton to drive some but he wasn’t interested. The lack of interest in driving by young people today puzzles me. I would have been all over that at his age. His preference was to explore abandoned buildings, cemeteries and houses along the route to the lighthouse. Admittedly, that can be interesting too, but the fact that before the hurricanes those places may have been important cogs in the wheel of life here can be really sad.

The lighthouse rest stop was nice. Steph brought cereal and a few bottles of water for the wild donkeys. Those things are everywhere on that island and pretty tame really. We drove through “town” and saw the library, grocery store, government buildings and such. One government building housed the Integrity Commission. I couldn’t help but think of how our government o’thieves could benefit from such a thing.

We stopped at a sparsely populated beach along the way back to port. The photo today is from there. And also visited the cruise ship famous Jacks Shack which was a very hopping bar on the beach. They even had T-shirt’s for sale featuring Calypso and Topher, the two dogs who live there and hangout on the beach with cruisers daily.

Back at the port we dropped off speedy and walked around the shops at the port. Of course no visit there would be complete without a stroll through Margaritaville. Its an enormous complex with bars, a restaurant and pool. Back in the day that or Jacks Shack may have been my choice of a place to hang out all day, but these days, while fascinating and worth the visit, not really my speed.

Back on the ship with just enough time to clean up for dinner. Steph and Colton went to the show afterward but I was in striking distance of finishing the book I was reading so I opted for a comfy chair on the Deck 3 promenade with my feet up on the rail instead. It was wonderful despite the fact that there you are lightly sprayed by the Atlantic continuously.

Next up was a short visit to the sports bar where the best part is the big screen in the corner where this group of young men seem to have been playing Madden all week long. When you watch people who really know what they are doing, it is essentially like watching an NFL game. They’ve been very entertaining. More roaming around from bar to bar to hear different musicians and then it was bedtime. Another incredible day in the books.

Which brings us to the next part…the semi-sad northbound sea days back to New York. Have a great day.

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