St. Thomas

Well past the half way point by now. Last port is later today, and by the time I’m in bed we’ll be northbound again. Not a good thing for me, but I imagine the cats may be relieved. Maybe not though. Maybe they’ve been loving their own private castle and enjoy dancing on countertops and bathing in toilets. Hard to tell.

Yesterday was very nice. Colton tells me our last visit to St. Thomas was 2014. We didn’t do anything big this time, but opted for a typical self paced walk. We did go up to Paradise Point which was fantastic. I think Steph and I went on our first visit in 94. She may have been to St. Thomas on previous cruises as a teen, but teenage girls have priorities other than sightseeing. The views from there are unbelievable. I’ll probably stick a photo up top today.

From there we saw a Kmart. I’m not sure why normal stuff fascinates me on cruises. Not that Kmart is normal any longer at home. I was able to get some Diet Pepsi there, which is always a port priority. Tons of crew were there as well including our assistant waiter. I also talked to an american contractor who was there rebuilding from last years hurricane damage. Says its very good work, but you miss all the little things you take for granted. Which is why he has to make frequent trips to Kmart.

From there we looked through the shops at Havensight Mall which is the port where everyone but the elitists dock. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity ships dock on the other side of town. 🙂

The ship wasn’t too crowded but worse than other port days since sailaway was at 3. Our usual deck 9 shady seats were long gone so we had to drag seats around on deck 10 to make our own, soon to be highly coveted, shady space. Carnival’s extremely tight use of deck chairs frustrates me. Like now for example, nothing is out on 10. Thats where I would typically sit and write. But not here. Because those seats won’t be taken from their tied up stacks until there are literally people standing around waiting for them. This morning is essentially a sea day, you would think they might see that too.

A little casino time after quite a bit of pool/reading time on deck was nice since it was air conditioned.

Dinner was outstanding. Colton got some sort of boar. He is very good about ordering odd stuff. Earlier in the week were rabbit and ox tongue which he decided last trip he really likes. I’m not “side of beef guy” (you have to dig deep in my trip story archives to find that guy) by any means, but I don’t branch out as far as Colton either.

Two comedy shows last night. Both were fantastic. Roman Murray and Jason Andors. Steph of course encouraged me to go to the late shows since I enjoyed them so much. But, just as I passed on the second Slayer show a couple months ago, I’m not going to leave Colton behind when it’s something he wants to do as much as I do.

We finished out the evening watching the Black Diamonds violin trio do their thing which we’ve come to enjoy. It seems they only, or at least mostly, do pop songs. Only original material will get me to buy a CD, but we’ll see. There are still 3 days left.

Dennis and I should cross paths (not literally) at some point today. He left Florida yesterday with my friend Shon, Entertainment Director for Royal, taking good care of him on the Allure of the Seas. They are bound for St. Maarten. I’ll check the map here shortly and see if I should be up there waving yet.

Have a great day. I believe it’s Monday right? Sorry. Try to have a great day is perhaps what I should say.

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