Philipsburg, St. Maarten

For people so adamantly “not beach people,” we sure did have a good time on the beach yesterday. It was mid to late morning by the time we roused Colton from bed and grabbed the water taxi to the beach in Philipsburg. We had no plans for a location other than to turn right off the pier. In years past we’ve always gone left and the last two visits we ended up at the exact same dump quite by accident. So basically we dodged all of those at the pier eager to sell you a spot and drinks and walked peacefully up the beach. The deal is you spend $20-25 for 2 chairs, wifi and a few drinks. This gets you bathrooms too of course. The dump were at in December had a bathroom bad enough to make me uncomfortable. A guy can literally go anywhere and it still made me squirm, if that tells you anything. So this time, at the Holland House, Steph checked out the hotel’s facilities while Colton and I questioned the internet strength and drink selection. All tests passed with flying colors and the theory proved correct that its better to go somewhere that offers quality and most importantly doesn’t utilize hawkers to lure you at the pier.

Anyway, we got settled and didn’t leave until well after 2. Most of that was spent in the water absolutely exhausting myself. But you know, even though it was such a great time, that was enough. I certainly wouldn’t want to do the same today. Everyone seems to love a week at the beach but I think I’m good til Great Stirrup Cay in November.

Of course we all ate quite a bit on returning to the ship. And unfortunately that didn’t stop me from going to dinner as well which was enough to push me over the edge I think. Three cruises have passed now since I lost all that weight. Since then I haven’t felt the need to coach myself toward “getting back on the stick” when I get home. I think that’s finally changed. When we left home I was only 5 or 6lbs up from last summer but still I’m feeling the need to be a little harder on myself again when we return.

Entertainment wise, I think we’ve experienced the best with Royal Caribbean on that Christmas/New Year cruise last year. This one has to be pretty close the opposite end of the spectrum. I know, I’m not really qualified to say that since I’ve only gone to one actual big theatre show. But there are reasons I’ve not gone to the others. You know what has been great though? The smaller shows throughout the ship. We’ve spent time at the Piano Bar, the Red Frog Pub and the atrium watching the excellent musicians perform and its been wonderful. I guess my overall entertainment impression for the cruise should include them, because they have certainly been worth watching. Thinking back to last summer with Emma Jude and Jeffery Munks, I guess perhaps these young folks are Carnival’s specialty. I actually have all of Munks stuff in my collection now and listen regularly! Black Diamonds may end up that way as well if I can find original material among their work.

The photo up top today is the Marriott resort at Frenchman’s Bay, St. Thomas. If you look up earthcam, which I do quite a bit, you’ll find the webcam at this resort. I put it on the TV a lot in the early mornings just to watch the ships sail in. Today, I got to be on the other end, which made me quite happy. And yes, of course I waved at the camera as we sailed by!

Have a great day!

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