Tortola, BVI

Making our way to St. Maarten this morning which has always been my personal favorite in the Caribbean.

Yesterday was the British Virgin Island of Tortola. It left its mark in 2003 as being the most beautiful sailing to and from and didn’t at all disappoint yesterday. My photos never have captured the string of islands you sail past coming and going. Fortunately I was up top writing yesterday approaching Tortola and we were all watching from the mini promenade on 3 as we departed in the evening.

Considering the pre-cruise chaos at home, extremely little planning was done in preparation for any of the ports and Tortola suffered most for that. We got off and walked around the immediate area not much more than an hour and treated ourselves to a nice quiet pool deck that we had essentially to ourselves for quite a while. Even the slides weren’t being used so we all (even Steph) took full advantage which was nice to see.

I forgot to mention the best part of our time ashore. I’ve got a photo of a pregnant Steph and myself from 2003 taken from a vacant field next to the port area. So yesterday we attempted to somewhat recreate it. The field wasn’t as vacant but it was still obvious the general area we had been back then. If I were on the computer writing this I’d add them both, but the phone only likes adding one. I’ll probably have to post them later. It was pretty cool I thought with a pregnant Steph and then 16yrs later the same photo taken by the baby.

We did the Port Day breakfast menu at the dining room which was super pleasant compared to the craziness at the buffet. On a port day there’s no reason not to do the dining room before you go out. They definitely keep things moving at a reasonable if not quick pace. Later today I’m sure we’ll do the same.

I still say the food has been average overall, but everything yesterday was really good. Having Guys and Iguana to ourselves for lunch of course helped that rating.

So we’ve been trying to decide whether to shop around for next summer again. We had Cuba booked on this ship for 6/20 until the country’s inexplicable journey back to the dark ages took the next illogical step backward to once again disallow that. On the bright side, its now a 9 day Bermuda/Caribbean itinerary which is good. On the other hand its on the Carnival Triumph 3.0 (aka Sunrise.) The tipping point, should we opt to stay will be the cabin. Somehow we lucked out and scored one of the new cabins on Deck 9, a Grand Scenic Ocean View which has floor to ceiling windows that look forward, one deck above the Bridge. So essentially our room would offer the same view as that of the Captain. That’ll be hard to pass up. That being said, this ship still kinda sucks for a something sailing her “inaugural season” as it says on the gift shop t-shirts.

Well, I’m off to grab coffee number five and some fruit if I can find it. Ships cater to the partiers, not to the forgotten early morning folks. So it may just be more coffee.

Have a great day and I’ll fill you in on St. Maarten tomorrow.

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