San Juan, Puerto Rico

More of the same yesterday, until noon anyway. Arriving late to a port usually means normal sea day mornings and chaos in the afternoons. As soon as Guys and Blue Iguana opened the lines were forever long and overlapped each other. Steph walked around at one point and said those lines, the deli and the buffet lines essentially formed a single wall of people looping Deck 9 midship. To me that indicates “please stay seated.” I’m not big on lines on vacation. Perhaps thats why I don’t do Disney.

So we waited and ate burgers closer to 3 after the bulk of the folks had formed the line on the stairs to the gangway they had been advised not to form. Announcements rarely change people’s intentions here.

We were docked by 3:30 or so but waited until 4:30 to attempt to get off. The line was insane so we opted for pizza and tried again at 5:30 when we walked right off. May as well eat right? We’re obviously not making the dining room with a late port arrival.

San Juan was the same as it always is. Hot. San Cristobal was awesome and I cant believe I skipped it all these years. Fort wise, at least to these untrained eyes, it looks a lot like El Morro. But view wise it’s actually better. From there you can see every direction from Old San Juan and the ships to today’s enormous city and even up the coast to El Morro. It was beautiful!

From there we walked along ancient brick streets to the square for a Marshall’s visit (yes, the same Marshall’s) and the store for my Diet Pepsi fix. Surprisingly, my sense of direction actually led us to the shelter.

Visiting a shelter is always full of mixed emotions. On one hand you find all these kitties eager to befriend you and take your snacks. On the other you see all these kitties with no permanent home. There were a couple of people working there so we actually went inside. They do routinely ship them to the US, who of course has plenty cats of their own to deal with. Some looked hungrier than others and some were friendlier than others. And believe it or not, there was another family there from our ship who also brought treats as well as food for the various animals at Grand Turk! If you’ll remember, that is where Steph fed a bottle of water to a wild donkey.

As expected, the ship went all out for the NBA Finals game last night. Showing it on the big screen as well as on every single TV in the sports bar. Who could have guessed it. Gee thanks Carnival for dictating my entertainment. No Hulu, no hockey, gotcha.

Man, now that its daylight, the mountains are appearing. Sailing to Tortola today. I remember my first visit on the Legend in 2003. Sailing past these mountains leaving Tortola really left an impression on me and then I got sick. A real bad case of pneumonia set in and I was in bed for two full sea days heading back to New York. Straight to the doctor on our arrival back to Clarksburg, the Doc strongly considered putting me in the hospital but then let us go home first since we had been away so long. I got better from that point, but it was scary. And I lost two Sea Days!

Anyway, I’ll grab some photos, but I’m sure they won’t do it justice. Talk to you tomorrow!

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