More sea time

Its still fascinating to me seeing the night and morning cultures mix on a ship. I get my coffee at 5 or shortly after this morning and as I’m walking around I see three different card games going on which undoubtedly began last night. Interesting to me since these crowds rarely cross paths in real life.

Not much to tell you guys about today. Yesterday was deck time from 5 to almost 3. I scored some of the way too few deck chairs in the shade by the pool and parked myself there. Steph and was there for most of it but Colton didn’t hang around much since it was crazy crowded. A super busy pool isn’t the most appealing sight so we never did actually end up in the water. Started to a couple times, but eventually it starts looking like a big bowl of human soup to me and my deck chair calls me back. This morning I’ll get my pool time around 8 or so when its still reasonably peaceful.

Got in a very small window of casino time, which is all I’d recommend usually. I am currently in the black, but after 3 or 4 of those small windows I’m certain that will change.

We’re all disappointed this ship doesn’t have a low promenade deck that goes clear around the ship. I don’t realize how much walking we do there typically until its not available. Its striking to me how much nicer the Grandeur of the Seas is and she’s three years older than this one.

Well, look at that, I’m actually going to see a sunrise for a change this trip. Be right back… I’ll throw that photo up top today.

Food was good throughout the day. I’m loving Blue Iguana, which is Mexican stuff out by the pool. Colton is so far keeping his promise to have at least one Guy’s burger a day while we’re here. Steph of course is more wise, picking and choosing, as opposed to our all-in mentalities.

All day Colton and I planned on the Blues/Bruins Game 7 Cup Final being our evening’s entertainment. So with nice seats in the fancy sports bar, we waited for someone to change the channel at 8. And we just kept waiting. Several folks got up and left when it became clear it wasn’t happening. Much like the no Hulu, only Netflix policy, I imagine they are in bed with ESPN who, being jealous of the NHL, will not acknowledge its existence. Later on, I came across an equally disillusioned Bruins fan. And for the first time in my life I felt sympathy for a Boston sports fan.

But thats really about it. A true sea day in every way. Deck/book time and good food. Thats about it. I will mention we haven’t been to a show at all yet. Other than a comedian the other night. Yesterday’s entry had enough negativity though, so I’ll save my rant on Carnival’s comedy shows for another time.

Today is San Juan. I’d like to see the San Cristobal fort this time. Nuts over El Morro since my first visit many many years ago, thats the only one I ever want to visit. We were just there a year ago though, so today we’ll check out the one across town. Steph brought kitty treats from home if you can imagine. Why you ask? If you check out last years entry on San Juan, you’ll see where we happened across a cat shelter, walked across town for food and back just to feed the kitties, who were already smart enough to live at or in the vicinity of the shelter! Oh well, its among the few things Steph actually enjoys so have at it I guess.

Well, I’m going to hang this up. I’ll fill you in on our time in San Juan tomorrow. Have a great day.

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