Boarding Carnival Sunrise

And I thought Sunday was a lot to tell about. I guess it was, but it was cool stuff. Yesterday was more of a day of trivial nonsense that appears more significant than it really is because it comes on whats been labeled an important day.

No first morning sunrise for me today by the way. The photo is what I found when I surfaced. Looking like a rough day ahead!

To start at the beginning though, the rain held off between 5:30 and 7:30 yesterday morning which allowed my much valued early morning time out and about. The park I guess opens at 6 (last year i had fruit and coffee at the hotel first so I didn’t realize the park had just opened) and the Starbucks at 43rd and Broadway is open 24hrs. Most of the hardcore coffee shops don’t open til 7. Which seems late. Plenty of semi-acceptable coffee options out there otherwise though.

We called for the car around 10 and drove the 15 or so blocks uptown to the piers where I paid the insane price of $400 to leave your car for 10days in Manhattan. A thrifty shopper could probably fly to Florida for that.

Checkin was smooth til we realized the TA hadn’t added a credit card to the onboard account. This was the first time I opted to take her advice and let her handle all the pre-cruise registration. And, proving my previous stubbornness justified, thats what you get. So, that fixed, we took our seats in the Platinum waiting area to wait. Colton still isn’t Platinum, I’m sure since we’ve been favoring Norwegian since he’s been around. After yesterday, I’m not entirely sure he’ll get there, but that remains to be seen. It was after 12:30 before we got on board!! Thats nuts. The last three cruises we were on board by 11:15. Oasis of the Seas in FL was actually shortly before 11, which is also extreme.

While, I haven’t actually taken the time to do it yet, you could probably go back to boarding day on the Horizon last summer and see where I was every bit as grouchy and critical as I was yesterday. In fact I should just cut and paste and be done writing! That cruise turned out fine by the way. So the communication issue is what had Steph in a panic. With her fathers health being a source of continual stress for her, she was determined to keep in touch with home so that it could stress her here as well. Having asked everyone to contact us via iMessage she was a little upset with the fine print on the internet plan info page that said iMessage couldn’t be used. This seemed unrealistic but both staff members I questioned confirmed it. So we spent a little time rapidly setting up Whatsapp just as Josh had advised me to do years ago probably. I have a few friends on there but no one with any connection to her family. In the long run, its not even an issue! All that for nothing. Oh well. The internet is also good enough to stream, which is sweet. If Colton and I can figure out how to change input on the TV, I can run an HDMI from the computer and actually have decent cruise TV! Yes, I travel with an HDMI cable, I’m a nerd, thats no secret.

On top of that, the luggage hadn’t arrived yet. Steph goes off the deep end when luggage isn’t here by the end of the muster drill. Even moreso when the drill is delayed til 4! Then there was the helicopter crash, she was nuts about that too. She lost a few hours to severe anxiety yesterday which is a real shame.

She eventually found where the luggage carts were coming in and found ours. I’m thinking, well its on the ship…it’ll get there right? No, she, with Colton’s typical enthusiasm about doing something devious, dismantled the entire stack to pull ours from the bottom and wheel them home. Insane, this family is. I later noticed a security dude around a group of luggage carts by the way. Could be coincidence, who knows.

Unpacking was the usual chore and a half since we inexplicably bring just about the entire bedroom closet. I would definitely do it differently, but I don’t make the rules in that area. Admittedly I do bring all my electronic entertainment tools which may or may not be equally unnecessary, so to each his own.

A note on the copter crash by the way. Yesterday I told you about our Majestic Deli we appreciate so much. Turns out the crash was a mere block and a half up the street. This caused traffic problems I’m sure which meant people couldn’t get to the ship and there was practically no visibility either. I suppose a combination of those meant that we sailed two and a half hours late. Which was during dinner so no Hudson River trip this time. Like Colton said, I’ve done it a million times, so I’ll live til next cruise. But I do love that trip down the river. Oddly enough we first did that on this ship in 1999 with my parents here and World Trade Center alongside. I literally just realized that, and it makes me kind of sad. Anyway I saw the base of the Statue of Liberty go by. If this was your first time sailing down the Hudson you were short changed, no skyline or Statue considering the visibility. So that’s a shame.

Dinner was ok but not great. The whole ship so far seems ok, but not great. While I’ll never be part of the narrow minded Royal-only crowd. Carnival does make me realize how much I appreciate Royal’s ways.

She’s still the Triumph and with this being my 4th(?) time on her I think I’m qualified to say that. It’s basically a new coat of lipstick, which is nice and all. But the differences are hardly night and day. I pay a lot of attention to detail and there is a lot that hasn’t changed. It’ll do though, I’m at sea where I eat like a king, sleep like a baby and get more reading time than I could possibly use. So that makes it great in my book.

Man it is pouring here now. Forecast is rain today again and then high 80’s and sunny the rest of the way. I can live with that. The first half of this was written out by the main pool, but I’m at the aft pool now safely under cover. Five coffees in at this point, I believe I’ll go find some fruit. Have a great day.

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