A New York Sunday

What a day. Steps Sunday topped out over 29k. Many miles added to feet already in bad shape. Any more than 3 nights here and I might hurt myself. Kicking myself now for not taking advantage of the quiet midtown yesterday morning by renting a bike. Way more activity at 5:30am Monday.

The park closed signs greeted me again today. I’m still writing from the corner of 6th and 42nd, just technically outside the park.

So yesterday…up at 5 of course, others up and ready to head out by 9 probably. After taking the subway to Union Square we walked quite a bit around there and the East Village. Essentially new territory for us. West Village I’m familiar with, that whole area though was unknown.

Steph eventually spotted Max Brenner which is a popular place that specializes in chocolate stuff. We picked up half a chocolate pizza with “the works” (every bit as decadent as it sounds) and took it to Union Square park to eat. As much as I wanted to like that park, it had more than its share of angry homeless folks. Unfortunately, getting used to homeless people is part of any New York City visit. They don’t always appear to be on the edge of violence as the ones here though. So we ate and quickly moved on. Around 11, Steph noted another spot she has seen them going on about on her New York based talk shows, Tim Ho Wan. 11 and already a mob of Asian people outside waiting. Apparently its the most reasonably priced Michelin Star restaurant you’ll find. So we got on the list which was already at 45 min or so and continued down the street to explore. Of course we were a few blocks south when the Yelp app notified me we were up next and had 5min to show up! After hustling back we enjoyed lunch at a Michelin rated restaurant. Perhaps a first and last for me, who knows. Food was good, but not out of this world. Enjoyable being part of something buzzworthy I suppose. Steph routinely knows the cool places to hit watching her shows as she does. Colton and I joked at how the restaurant full of Asians likely saw us as a symbol of the end for their favorite restaurant. “Well, its been on TV, here come the white tourists!?&)@,.”

I really need to step this up don’t I. Subway back to 34th for a quick visit to Macys and her neighbors before crashing at the hotel for a short rest break. Then it was on to Fifth Ave for the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. For 10+yrs we’ve cruised in the first half of June and every single time we either sail on parade day or get back to New York on parade day. Finally, this year we were here and got to witness it first hand. And it was really cool. A few photos are on my Instagram if you want to see them. We walked up 5th in a mass of Red White and Blue Puerto Rican flags. It was basically a loud party celebrating the heritage of a significant portion of this City’s population. Later we heard the Mayor skipped it in favor of a democratic fundraiser. Apparently the first Mayor to skip the parade, but not surprising from a politician to chase money instead of support the people he “serves.”

We rested a while at Central Park, put in a mile or two there then turned south and back down Broadway. Late afternoon/early evening by then, Colton was hungry so considering our location, Steph suggested a local favorite of probably more than 20yrs. Majestic Deli. Of course I’m not positive, but I’d be willing to bet we found this place on our first visit to town together in the late 90’s. There is nothing hip or stylish about the place but its certainly been reliable. Nothing at all seems to change there. We got a monsterous Reuben and a huge slice of strawberry cheesecake. Exactly the same as ever, although I’m sure more expensive. But man its nice to see something in this neighborhood where cool things come and go like the wind actually remain stable.

Thankfully my mom reminded me that the Tony awards were Sunday and since the Majestic was a block from Radio City we went there next. The side streets were closed and a couple lanes closed on 6th for all the fanfare. It was cool actually seeing a “Red Carpet” and all the people dressed in tuxes and gowns for the night. Lots of TV cameras and lighting around of course. We happened across Dave Carlin, a CBS News reporter, who was filming a segment with the theatre in the background. I think our eagerness and proximity to him (picture me as Vegas Vacation era Cousin Eddie snapping pictures of him) messed him up once and he restarted. When he was done, he laughed and asked me to take a casual photo of him and the camera guy. I did so and later found the photo on his Twitter which was cool. Very glad mom filled me in on that event. Photos on my Instagram if you want to see.

From there it was another rest break until Colton and I made our night walk and hit another Muji store. We even got a Jamba Juice and sat here in Bryant Park for a while (I’m in the park now by the way, must open at 6.) He loves this area as much as I do.

After a couple more $1 slices of pizza, we turned in. All in all, a very long and exhausting day, but I wouldn’t trade it. We say the years revolve around cruises, but I think mine revolve around time in New York.

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