Road trip and NYC

Ok, so I was wrong earlier when I said I’d be writing from Bryant Park this morning. Would you believe it was closed!? Why would a park close? I was a little disappointed to say the least. So now I’m over at Times Square between 42nd and 43rd. And who would think that would ever be a less than great thing? Anyway, almost 24hrs in, the trip is going well so far. Steps were just under 18k yesterday which sounds about right for New York. Anyway, let me tell you about yesterday.

So we didn’t exactly make it out the door by 6am as we used to do, but we were by 7. An hour didn’t end up making too much of a difference since we were still at the hotel by 2. Seven hours including 4 stops isn’t bad at all.

The drive was uneventful and the main stops were Panera at Hagerstown for food and Loves at Hamburg for gas. Really nothing out out of the ordinary at all. Which is a good thing of course.

The hotel this trip is the Residence Inn on 6th and 39th. Same neighborhood as the Embassy last year. Its nice enough, but not great. Steph likes it much better than last year because the room is a good bit bigger. Colton is back on a pull out sofa like the old days because two beds are surprisingly hard to come by in this city.

Oh man, one thing we had our first glimpse of in person yesterday was whats left of our Doubletree Times Square. How many times did we stay there and how many times did I call it my absolute favorite hotel? Now its gone. Hilton sold it, for an unbelievable amount of money I’m sure considering its prime location in the center of the universe. It was sad to see. And I’m sure whatever goes back there won’t be in the Hilton or Marriott chains so I’ll probably never experience it. Was sure nice to have it those years though.

Colton picked lunch and we went to Kobeyaki, a Japanese place, and got burgers made of some fancy beef. Or at least thats what they tell you. The sweet potato fries were killer too.

Our walk after that was around Times Square and the west side. A couple ships were here today and I was hoping to maybe see them sail down the river. We caught the Dawn leaving and saw that the other was the Sun Princess which home ports in Australia. Having just sailed from Iceland, this was simply a port on her latest world journey probably.

Pier 84 is a nice park area and home to the dog park we spent time at a few years ago. From there we walked south along the Hudson to 33rd St. and the instagram sensation of a few months ago, The Vessel. I suppose it is art technically. Part pretty and perhaps a little more part weird. We didn’t walk to the top since as with most hip thing here, the line was long. Anyway I now have the obligatory Instagram pic so yay me.

Adjacent to that was Hudson Yards. Now this was more my speed because you know how this 80’s kid loves a mall! Really nice place. Five floors of unique stores and restaurants in an incredibly beautiful mall. I loved some of the places, including a Japanese place that sold adorable notebooks and pens very reasonably priced. I carries around a notebook to buy until I saw the checkout line and then reevaluated how much I wanted that notebook. Turns out not enough.

From there we considered subwaying home but just walked since the weather was perfect. After that Steph was in for the night but Colton and I went out for a nighttime lap up 6th and through Times Square, and a Guitar Center stop of course.

Note: I took a walk after that last sentence and now I’m on 34th St. On the way I relearned a lesson I had long ago been taught. In New York I need to order “black coffee.” Order a “coffee” here and you get cream and sugar. Yuk. I’ll drink it though because I paid too much for to not drink it.

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