Steps and such, Part 2

Home and settled this morning at laundry central.  I didn’t plan this post, but felt I should share that my weigh-in this morning was a mere 4.6 lbs up from exactly two weeks ago.  If you read along this cruise, you know that I fully expected double digits.  I literally ate anything and everything I wanted for most of two weeks and refused to put on the brakes.  So this is a huge victory for me and I absolutely credit it to using the stairs. The first day I determined that on a small ship where 8 decks is the most I’d ever have to take at one time, there was simply no excuse, for me anyway, not to do that.  The last couple days I did have to relent some because I was growing quite sore.  I’d like to figure up an average steps per day, but haven’t determined a good way to get that data from Pacer yet.      I would guess its around 15k steps a day with a lot of those being on the stairs.

Thats my good news.  If you are a cruiser and concerned about weight gain, seriously consider forgoing the elevator as much as possible.  Its worth it.

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