Thursday 1/3 – Home

<sigh> Well, I write this last entry from home. Yesterday already seems so long ago I don’t even recall what happened. Actually, not much did. The hour I spent writing around 6am on Deck 10 yesterday turned out to be my last time there. The weather turned cold and rainy very fast and as suspected we set up shop in the Solarium until around noon. After a last lunch at Windjammer it was time to pack and after a 12 day cruise, packing is quite a project. Dinner was good and the Farewell show featured a comedian so we were happy.

Checking our location one last time before bed I saw we were nearing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and even cold and dark thats a cool thing to experience. So Colton and I went for one last stroll around and to the front of the ship as we passed the bridge. It signified the end of the trip and bed time was upon us.

Thanks for reading this week, if indeed anyone did. I’ll have a review up before too long.

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