Wednesday 1/2 – Last Sea Day

Oh man, how did we reach this point already. A month ago, I was so concerned that it might be too many days, a bad ship, too stuffy or even just too Royal Caribbean. I was sure Colton would be miserable after 7days. Of course, none of that proved true. For the most part, I’ve been successful at removing anxiety and worry from my life, but this trip bothered me for several reasons. None of them turned out to matter a bit. I’m not sure it could have gone much better.
I was able to chat with Santi one more time this morning at the coffee shop. Six am is nice for that, it’ll be busy the rest of today and crazy tomorrow I’m sure. Unlimited Starbucks served by a friendly face is definitely something I’ll miss.
Somehow, its the last sea day and I’m writing from the same place I have all week. Deck 10 awaiting sunrise. The weather has been unbelievable. Although I guess the wise move will soon be to the Solarium as seats there will be hard to find later. Its nice enough to be out here, but not quite pool weather.
Nothing of note really to report on yesterday. Back to the sea day routine. We did get in a card game, lots of Starbucks, and lots of pool/deck time. I finished a second book this week. I think ample reading time is my favorite part of sea days. Of course Steph and Colton think I’m nuts, but fellow book nerds understand.
We did get a chance to meet up with Cody to swap pictures. He had been up until 7am yesterday. I’m glad he found some people his own age to play with. My speed of cruising is perfect for me, but Im old. In fact, the lady at the beach resort in St. Maarten who rescued us assumed Cody was our son. He didn’t tell her otherwise but he did add that he was adopted. You know you’re not young anymore when people think the 28yr old you’re hanging out with is your son. He got some great pictures though that I’m sure I’ll post in time.
I was up around 5:15 this morning to take in my favorite hours in my favorite place one more time. Man, I’m going to miss this. June seems so far away.
Tomorrow’s entry here won’t be too interesting either unless something out if the ordinary happens today. I’ll begin working on a review soon which I foresee being an apology to Royal for my past negativity. I have some issues, but As I’ve said before, a cruise is a cruise.

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