Monday 12/31 – Sea Day

Sadly, we’re northbound again. Looks like we’re a couple hundred miles north of the British Virgin Islands currently.
I crashed early last night and wasn’t out and about by the end of the Ravens game. It was tense enough in my cabin, but nothing like it had to have been for the huge chunk of the ship’s passengers who are Ravens fans dominating the public areas. Good for them though. They deserve the Division more than we do this year in this Steelers Fan’s opinion.
Anyway, I noticed this morning that the balloons tied up at the top of the atrium for New Years tonight are black and gold. Can you imagine if Cleveland could have pulled that off last night, causing the steelers hate to boil over only to then have their New Years celebration marred by an avalanche of black and gold. Man that would have been sweet. Alas it didn’t happen. The Browns remain the Browns.
So yesterday was another great day. I’ve loved St. Maarten since our first visit in 97 on the Carnival Sensation. We didn’t do a lot other than take the water taxi to town and rent a bit of beach space for a while. This was our second time at this particular beach establishment, which had to have been the absolute worst place on the beach. So yeah, our repeat business doesn’t say much for our preparation does it. It served its purpose though and offered us a place to hang out for a few hours. We also tried out the jet skis which I thought was fantastic. Of course, I wasn’t saddled with driving, that was Colton’s job. I just held on tight and enjoyed the scenery. It was all new to us and something I’m sure we’ll do again sometime. Once again I’m trusting Cody for photos since he was brave enough to fly across the waves with his phone in hand. We’ll get together sometime the next couple days and swap pictures.
Well that’s all I have for today. We changed the clocks back to Eastern last night so way more people were up at 5:30 this morning than usual and it’s thrown off my mojo.

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