Sunday 12/30 – St. Maarten

This trip has had such a long feel to it. Thats a good thing, but I am beginning to grow a little tired. Not of the trip, just physically tired. I’m sure my insistence on being up at 5:45 and taking the stairs everywhere are factors. Or it could be that I easily weigh ten lbs more now than a week ago. Whatever…we head north around 5 Atlantic time and I’m not changing a thing until I’m off this beautiful vessel in Raven town.
We didn’t do much yesterday other than walk around the Port Zante area. It’s significantly larger than most other cruise ports and very nice for those unadventurous on board. We did venture out into the city for a few blocks as well, which was interesting, but all in all we were only off a couple hours. We did see the Chinese restaurant our waiter Faisal was anticipating as well.
A good chunk of our time off was spent at Royal Gems, a jewelry store highly recommended by a friend at work. Josh cruises as much as we do and unlike us, knows what he’s doing when it comes to jewelry. Anyway, he has literally made very good friends there. He’s told me all about them, the kids, visiting their home, etc. So I at least wanted to stop by and say hi. I asked for Cheryl and introduced myself as a friend of Josh’s and she was beside herself! She was so pleased and incredibly welcoming to us! She gave us hugs as though we were family. She also offered to get us all drunk, not yet knowing we were quite a bit more boring than Josh and his wife. We declined but did take her up on some excellent fruit punch type drinks. We talked for quite a while and she noticed Cody looking at jewelry. So she put on her sales hat and lectured him on the sub par quality of what he had purchased in Antigua. Eventually she sold him a much nicer piece that even my untrained eye could tell was much better quality. So my visit was a success for both of them, which is great. Cody got a good deal, Cheryl got a good sale and I met some very nice people. So all were happy. Except Colton unfortunately who found himself sitting in a jewelry store for much longer than he would have desired.
Cody is thinking jet skis today, so if he pulls that off I may risk my life later on. I’ll keep you posted!

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