Saturday 12/29 – St. Kitts

Do you want to know why today is such a great day? Because if this were a normal cruise we’d be preparing for disembarking and the return to normalcy. As it is, I’m still close to 2000miles from home with two port days and three sea days ahead. That makes Steph and I happy.
Thankfully Colton is hanging in there too. Even though I know he wouldn’t mind returning to his guitars tonight, he’s going through the motions for us. He’s 14 though, so that could change at any moment.
Today is St. Kitts. I don’t see us getting into too much since the last two days have been full. Anything can happen though.
Before I go, I have to tell you about yesterday….
Our day yesterday gets mixed reviews. That means Steph wasn’t crazy about it but Colton and I loved every bit of it. Sailing into St. Lucia was crazy beautiful with all the green mountains. Mid morning sometime we got off with Cody, our adopted son this trip, and set out with no plan whatsoever. As with all these islands you have to run the gauntlet of cabbies and tour operators offering their services. Antigua was the worst as I must have said “no thank you” a hundred times in the span of the first couple blocks from the ship. Anyway, at St. Lucia, we were at least open to the idea and talked to one of them. He wanted us to do a 2 and a half hour tour. Throwing him a curveball we talked him down to 1 and a half hours for less money. We had no desire to go the the southern part of the island which is over an hour away over mountainous terrain but instead just wanted a nice tour of Castries and the surrounding areas. Our tour was just that. The four of us traveled around the city and into the nearby hills up to an elevation around 900ft above sea level. This gave us great photo opportunities and with Cody around we were actually able to get some of the three of us for a change. The driver was very informative and educated us all about the island and its history.
After returning to the ship we ate lunch and rested a bit before meeting up with Cody for a walk to Vigie Beach. The beach isn’t far away at all, but the airport runway lies between the port and the beach. It wouldn’t have been an expensive cab ride at all but we really desired a nice walk. And walk we did! It was quite a trek half the length of the runway along a busy road to get to the end and across. Once on the other side we were faced with the prospect of walking back the length of the runway to what appeared to be the main part of the beach. Rather than do that, we opted to walk across a semi-New Orleans style cemetery as a shortcut. Colton probably hadn’t seen one of those so, he thought it was quite cool. Cody and Steph were lagging behind Colton and I as we entered the cemetery and I’m sure they thought we were nuts. Thankfully a fence didn’t greet us on the beach side and we proceeded to walk along the beach in the water. After maybe ten minutes a downpour hit causing us to huddle under a massive tree to stay somewhat dry. By this time Steph, considering the rain and our way longer than expected walk, was more than ready to go back to the ship, but the prospect of a nearby cab was slim. We continued up the beach to a small resort hotel which looked really nice. I knew we shouldn’t be on their property but I also knew through there was the best way to a cab. A security guy did stop Cody which didn’t go well, and thankfully I caught another employee’s eye who more or less looked at me like, what are you people doing here? I explained we just needed a cab and she said to follow her. We walked all through the place and by the pool and their guests. Just american misfits on parade, wet, tired and carrying our shoes with sandy feet. I can imagine her thinking, oh my I’ve found this bunch and just need to get them out of here quietly. Anyway she let us rinse our feet and called a cab. The one that came looked more or less like a town car compared to all the other cabs we’d seen. He drove us back to the pier for for a reasonable charge and we were back. All in all it wasn’t that much time, but it sure was an adventure! Colton and I thought it was awesome and unlike anything you’d expect. As Colton said, you’re not going to buy an experience like that from the man! Steph lacks our sense of adventure though and was quite glad to be back.

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