Friday 12/28 – St. Lucia

I thought the wind was bad yesterday morning! I made my trek across Deck 10 this morning with my coffee, Dr. Pepper and cantaloupe in tow only to be beaten back down to Deck 9 by the wind. Full or not, my drinks wouldn’t have stood a chance against that wind.
It is really cool seeing new places for a change. St. Lucia is a common stop on Southern Caribbean itineraries so we’ve never visited. Thats where we’ll be today.
Yesterday was St. Johns, Antigua. A new town to explore on foot plus an excursion to Stingray City which took us on a half hour drive plus a ten minute boat ride to our destination. The natural beauty in the Caribbean is mind blowing.
Stingray City came highly recommended by a friend at work and it was as good as described in my opinion. The boats took us to a shallow area of the ocean nowhere near land so that was amazing. You’re in waist high crystal clear water walking among stingrays the size of your kitchen table far away from shore in every direction. Really cool. The clear water and nearby coral make for good snorkeling as well if you choose to do so. Colorful little fish are literally everywhere down there.
While at Stingray City we met Cody, who is sailing with his grandmother. He did the excursion solo and was brave enough to take his iphone into the water. We took all kinds of pictures with it. We’ll catch up with him today and hopefully get to take a look at them. We were able to feed the stingrays some squid which was cool. My advice is to keep your fingers tucked though, because they do bite, as Colton and I found out.
It was a three hour excursion bu the time you factor in getting there and back, but well worth the time and money.
The town of St. Johns was busy, but didn’t have a whole lot of interesting things to offer. Plenty of bars, liquor stores and jewelry stores, of course, but our little crew doesn’t have a lot of interest in those these days. Still nice to walk around though.
Colton and I talked about the two sides of the American freedom coin. In a lot of ways, places like that are far more “free” than home. I’ve no doubt he could’ve gone to the “casinos” or bought alcohol or anything else. A store owner back in Frederiksted even called his town Freedom City because you can walk down the street smoking weed and drinking if you want. But at the same time, in St. John’s, the sidewalks are treacherous and the traffic is chaotic. So in the US, a apparently we give up freedom for safety and uniformity? Its interesting to think about.
Well, I set the precedent early on and thus need to take Stephanie her morning Cafe Mocha now.
I’ll report back later.

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