Thursday 12/27 – Antigua

My steps read over 12k by noon yesterday so we obviously did some exploring, but man there wasn’t a lot to see at St. Croix. Maybe a couple stores were open, thats it. Apparently there are two formal “do absolutely nothing” holidays in the Caribbean and those are December 25 and 26. I think Colton might have enjoyed it a little more than usual that way actually. It was a crazy atmosphere. It had the appearance of an incredibly poor little island town with every building locked up tight and a few dozen American tourists hesitantly walking the streets wondering which one would be their last. So yeah, it was definitely interesting, just not expected. Some tour operators were still in business though so if we wanted to invest a few hours exploring the rest of the island we could have. But we opted not to.
Food continues to be excellent, thus ensuring I’ll have a heck of a project on tap when we return.
Last nights dinner wasn’t very crowded for much of the time so we had super personal service from Faisal, who has been a delight. He’s from Indonesia and is going home 25days from now for a three month vacation. But that’s not the best part, his wife was 8mo pregnant when he left home for his first 8mo contract here. Now he’s got a nearly 6mo old child waiting to meet his dad for the first time when he gets home next month. Thats dedication.
Steph found a good deal on some monster boxes of candy not long before we left so she brought one for our cabin steward, waiter and assistant waiter. I wish we’d have brought Faisal something more.
Sailing into St. Johns Antigua now with a rainbow over the ship. Pretty darn cool.

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