Steps and such

My step project is doing acceptably well, just not perfect. I’ve been on the elevators 5 times total I believe. Averaging once a day I guess. And those trips are usually when Steph has on uncomfortable shoes after dinner. If its just me, steps are the only option. The most I go is 2 to 10, so its not too bad. Although I’d swear I’m hurting more now when I climb them than I was Saturday. I don’t even want to think of how much more weight I’m hauling now than 4 days ago.
The pedometer is averaging over 12k steps a day, so I’m happy with that too. It’s probably pretty good considering this is a small ship. And I don’t always have the phone on me.
I guess the bad thing is that I can do all these things right and still wind up with an extra 10lbs at the end.
That’s my activity update for now.

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