Wednesday 12/26 – St. Croix, USVI

A few lights are finally visible on the horizon this morning. You can cover a lot of distance traveling 24 hours a day.
So, I’ve experienced Christmas on a cruise now, and it was pretty cool actually. For the most part it was a normal cruise day and the majority of passengers, me included, wanted it that way. Breakfast, deck chair, book, pool, nap, dinner, show. A sea day nutshell. However, it was also obviously Christmas. Decorations adorned the atrium, a guest choir, assembled this week, sang for much of the afternoon, catholic and multi-denominational services were held in the theatre, and the best part, in my opinion anyway, was all these families with little kids at breakfast (and throughout the day) in their holiday pajamas and slippers which often were matching. It was cute as could be. That part, I am all about. These little families with giddy little kids being together all day. That is Christmas. Forget the religious connotations, make it about the little kids all wrapped up in how incredibly awesome it all is, and yes, Christmas is wonderful. Sadly, as with everything, the baggage ruins it all. Anyway…I say all that to say it was a great day. It could be whatever you want. A salty and gluttonous day of food and drink by the pool, or a really neat version of Christmas. All in all very nice and I can see why the rates are high.
Well, the sky is getting brighter. Time for me to deliver a coffee to Steph and then do a lap or two before breakfast. Have a great Boxing Day. Assuming we make it back safely from the island today, I’ll report back later.

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