Christmas 12/25 Sea Day

I proved to myself once again yesterday that I can’t eat like I once did. The food has been so good, and typically I let myself go nuts on a cruise and eat whatever. But I might not survive 12 days of that behavior. Last night reminded me of the extent to which my state of mind is dependent on caring for my physical self. The more or less re-invented person that has developed over the last three years or so doesn’t quite go for the throw caution to the wind mentality of the past apparently. So today, I’ll put the brakes on a bit and we’ll see if this evening I don’t feel a little better.
I’m finding I don’t have a lot to write about this trip. Nothing is out of the ordinary from traditional cruising. Thats a good thing, I guess. Though a little of Norwegian’s flexibility and Carnival’s variety would be nice. Royal’s insistence on very limited hours for almost everything is off putting. Colton even commented on the ice cream machine machines yesterday. Why on earth does a self-serve ice cream machine need hours?! Also, 11:30 yesterday in a Solarium full of people, the Park Cafe is closed until noon. By 11:30 on Norwegian they’re serving up grilled chicken right there on deck. Oh well, guess its just their way.
We discovered a card game Colton likes. So thats been fun. I imagine we’ll wear that out this cruise.
Watching the sunrise now as its beginning to rain on me. So thats weird. Probably should end this and head in til it passed. See ya.

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