Monday 12/24 – Sea Day

Set the clocks forward last night to Atlantic time, so there was even less activity here at 5:30 than usual. I was first to the coffee shop once he opened as will be customary by the end of the cruise I imagine. Sailing east, I expected sun rise to be a little earlier but I guess the clock change canceled that out.

Yesterday was a great day. Most of the morning was spent in the Solarium and we attempted to learn a new card game in the Centrum in the afternoon. Lunch was in the dining room, and excellent. The food here continues to impress me. Even the Windjammer selection at breakfast was tremendous.

Royal is holding its own so far with respect to my continual criticism. The only real complaint I have is the limited hours for food. And the pool didn’t open yesterday until something ridiculous like close to 11 it seems. Well, that and the lack of a communication app. NCL was light years ahead 5 years ago and the app Carnival has now is perfect. So I don’t quite get that since Royal considers themselves the almighty.

Entertainment has been good so far with a comedian and then a Lionel Richie experience show last night. Listening to that old stuff takes you back to a seemingly different lifetime. Pretty cool.

Yesterday Steph called home prior to our determination that wifi calling wasn’t yet enabled on her phone since its new. So that’ll be a little costly. Something to keep in mind if you’re making calls from sea.

Well, I’d better go check on the sunrise and revisit the coffee shop.

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