Sunday 12/23 – Sea Day

First sea day sunrise is a magical time. Still a but chilly this morning so, I’m holed up in the Solarium writing. It’s a beautiful place and I’m certain this seat will be highly coveted later. I wasn’t up until after 6 today, probably due to yesterday being as nuts as it was.
We actually didn’t receive our bags until after 6, when we were already at dinner. So that was more than a little terrifying for poor Steph. It would’ve thrown an odd spin on the trip, but we would’ve managed. They showed up, and Stephanie finally began her vacation.

The internet isn’t quite as reliable as I’d expected after experiencing Oasis last year. So thats been disappointing. On the plus side, when it does work properly, we can stream, which is wonderful. You can actually get decent TV on a cruise when its do it yourself.

Limited Windjammer hours still baffles me, but I’ll live with it. The food has been good though. I’m not one to detail or photo my food, but dinner was great. Our waiter even appeared genuinely concerned about Steph’s well being during her partial nervous breakdown at dinner. Not sure if we’ll do the dining room tonight since its formal night. Oh, speaking of dress, I forgot the best part. Colton and I actually went to dinner on a cruise in band shirts! He in a My Chemical Romance hoodie and I in an Anthrax tour shirt. That, was quite cool. But we had no luggage at the time, so that was that.

I splurged on the Refreshment drink package this time due to the Black Friday sale. I suppose thats a benefit of sailing at Christmas. That gets me literally anything I want from Lattetudes, the coffee bar, in addition to the usual unlimited soda. So thats been awesome.

Two times on the elevator so far. Once at boarding when I wasn’t yet thinking clearly. And the other this morning when the door opened as we passed and Steph automatically jumped in. I’m determined to keep that number to a minimum. Our cabin is on 2 and the pool deck is 9, so its not inconceivable to walk exclusively.

Well, its time for me to drift in to cruise ship life for a while. Internet permitting, I may check back.

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