Midweek Cruise Ship Life

By Wednesday we’re usually hitting the sweet spot of our vacation and today was no different. We were up for breakfast around 8:30 before heading over to Great Stirrup Cay for a short visit to see what had changed since June. The island has been closed much of that time due to Hurricane Matthew’s visit over the summer. Everything was in pretty good shape from what we could tell. We probably only stayed an hour or so, just long enough for Colton to remind us how much he hates the sand. Since we get priority tendering we were there and back before the majority of folks had even made it to the island.

Back onboard we hit the pleasantly uncrowded deck for some quality pool/reading time. Well the actual pool time was minimal since the water was ice cold. But I did get plenty of reading time in and finished my second time through Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Dinner was at La Cucina again. It wasn’t ideal to do the same place two nights in a row, but I think we all enjoyed what we ordered. We had the same server and were impressed that he remembered our drink order from last night. I got Lasagne for my starter and gnocchi with pesto sauce for the main entree and everything was excellent.

After dinner we went to Headliners for some more Second City which is most always entertaining. The good thing about Second City is that its unscripted and different every night. Some nights are better than others of course, but its usually worth going. Which is a good thing considering its just about the only show going much of the time. As I’ve mentioned before, the entertainment is my biggest problem with the Breakaway as it hasn’t changed in the three and a half years she’s been in service.

The highlight of the evening was night time ropes course with Colton. It was very windy but still open. Fortunately there wasn’t a line when we showed up, but there was one by the time we left. It probably does lose a bit of its thrill after the first couple of times you do it, but its still a lot of fun. My only regret was that we didn’t do the plank tonight. Colton and I made it over there just not actually out on it. For some reason night time plank seemed a whole lot scarier than it did in the day light.